20 simple and effective tips for job search on LinkedIn

In this article I’ll show you how to look for a job in the social network LinkedIn. These tips won’t be useful for representatives of ordinary professions. However, it’s effective for representatives of IT and technical professions, marketers, salespeople, recruiters, tops and so on. Bennyartist/

Recently conducted research shows that more and more professional recruiters use social networks such as LinkedIn, to search for employees, especially for key positions at a company.

For example, for the last three years popularity of LinkedIn has grown – from 22 to 38%.

20 простых и эффективных советов поиска работы через Linkedin

Job Search on LinkedIn can be divided into two stages: active and passive.

Active stage allows you to find yourself a job, while passive one helps recruiters find you quickly.

On the second stage it is very important to increase the number of views of your profile.

Subscribe to jobs

As on any job search sites, LinkedIn allows you to subscribe for new vacancies. It’s highly recommended to do this, as the probability that the recruiter will look at resumes is higher for those who responded in advance.

Search for “looking for …” or “look for …” status 

Many recruiters in the section Your professional headline or in the other sections write the name of the specialists they are looking for. Then they add to their contacts people that means they can discuss the vacancy with them. But we can also search for such people.

We go in search of people, write in key phrases “looking for XXX”, where XXX is needed position or sphere. For example ”looking for java”.

Write recommendations

In LinkedIn there is an option “Send recommendation” or “Request a recommendation.” It’s recommend to write 3-5 recommendations to your colleagues and to ask them to write in response. Recruiters at the sight of the recommendations will conclude that you are a qualified specialist (it will give you 3-5 extra points out of 100).

The higher your ranking in the search results, the sooner you will get the eye of recruiters.

The ranking in search results is influenced by many different factors (number of contacts, the number of common contacts with those who seek, job titles, companies, projects, text information within the profile and so on).

Load contact list from Gmail and other mailboxes

LinkedIn is able to do it directly.

It can greatly expand the number of contacts in LinkedIn, which will lead to an increase in profile views.

Write keywords to search in Summary

The information written in this section is very important. Here it is necessary to specify all the keywords for your profession to help recruiters find you.

Here are the key words important for HR-director:

20 простых и эффективных советов поиска работы через Linkedin

Copy the keywords from the top 10

If you don’t know what to write in keywords, just copy them from the most successful colleagues and edit to your liking.

Find easily the most successful profiiles: and LinkedIn will list the most attractive profiles.

Write achievements

This advice will add appeal to your resume. Recruiters in finding candidates can look through 100-200 resumes. Not everybody writes in his resume about his achievements, so if you have written them at home, it will increase the chances of being selected for further contact.

Achievements have to be written in the form of completed actions, preferably with an indication of numbers, percentage and so on.

Нетворкеры – это люди, которые активно расширяют свою сеть контактов для разных целей.

Describe volunteering

LinkedIn allows you to specify all volunteer projects.  This reinforces your profile in the search.20 простых и эффективных советов поиска работы через Linkedin

Add Slideshare presentation

Add only those presentations that really show your experience, not a presentation of ordinary ideas.

Contact with interesting firms and recruiters

The easiest way to get to the eyes of future employer is to find it and add him to your contact list. Make a list of interesting companies,type them in search and add to your contacts.

And now the secret, without which you will not succeed.
LinkedIn usually limits adding strangers as friends. But not for mobile devices. Therefore, iPad, iPhone, Android are your opportunity to add to contacts almost any number of people :)

Use the feature “Who’s viewed profile»

Check who’s viewed your profile. If it’s an interesting recruiter from interesting companies, add him to the contacts and ask what you can help him with.

Large photo,  visible face, smile, relaxed posture

A nice photo where you can be seen well, increases your chances of viewing the profile.

20 простых и эффективных советов поиска работы через Linkedin

Good luck in your search!