Warm-up and stretching: before or after jogging?

Let’s start with the definition of the concept of “warm-up” and “stretching”. Warm-up is a complex concept, it includes several types of work:jog in a light pace, special running exercises, stretching.

don’t immediately stretch before jogging  – the muscles are not ready and you can easily get injured.

To warm up your muscles, start with a light jog for 15-20 minutes at a low pace (120-140 beats per minute), and then do dynamic and static stretching. This will be a full-fledged comprehensive workout.Растяжка, разминка, бег, выпады

Stretching is needed after a long (15-20 km) jogging or speed work. It will keep the muscles flexible and will reduce pain (the so-called “Delayed onset muscle soreness”). So muscles recover faster after a hard workout.

Recommendation for beginners: before jog revolve your both feet with an emphasis on the toe. This will prepare for the work your tendons and ligaments of the feet.