Digital Etiquette: Do not interrupt the interlocutor

The rules of live communication work also in online correspondence.


Do not interrupt the interlocutor: it can prevent him to express his thought.


In written correspondnce the recipient will read everything and will not interrupt you with another short message. Today, when we communicate 24/7 with several people at the same time, we seem to forget entirely that an idea divided into several messages is steel one message and it is not necessary to insert your comments before the person has not finished.

Without knowing it, we do not let the other speak. This gives a sense of vagueness, confusion and discomfort

In the live communication men interrupt more often than women. However, messages come almost every second, and no one waits until the interlocutor finishes the idea that he wanted to share four messages ago. Either share a very long messages (that is becoming increasingly rare), or do not interrupt each other and read the idea to the end. It is better tolet the other party talk to the end, and then to express your viewpoint.
Senior radioman of Titanic Jack Phillips interrupted the man who was transmitting a message from the ship nearby, and asked him to shut up. Because of this Titanic didn’t  receive the warning about the iceberg on its way in time.