5 mistakes in CV, because of which you will not get a decent job

In job serch a correct resume is very important. After all, before you pass job interview and meet superiors, recruiter  will read your resume and will decide to assume or not to assume you  to work in this company. Therefore, when the CV is done and verified, it is better to submit it for revision to family or friends. Analysts compiled a list of five mistakes that often irritate recruiters and employers.

Young smiling man holding his resume applying for a job
Young smiling man holding his resume applying for a job

1. Text

Different sources have different interpretations of the type – from 8 to 14 size. Let us consider the reasonable middle, more than 80% write in Arial or Times New Roman font of size 10-12. More sophisticated font may lead to the fact that on another computer (for example, a recruiter’s) it will not be displayed correctly, and resume will go to the “trash”.

Wrong font size also “plays in the red”: recruiter reacts the same way – negatively on a CV on 5 sheets in 14 font, or in 6 font. The text should be not only of right size, but it has also to be structured – divided in paragraphs, otherwise some nuances will be simply lost (will be unreadable).

2. Graphic design

Kill a designer in your self, if you have never worked as such. A decorated resume has more minuses than pluses. Ypu do not need multiple fonts of different colors on a background of pink color in the gray polka dots. The best option is a maximum of 2 fonts and the same number of variations (bold / italic). And NO CAPS – it’s just bad form.

The best design is classic – black on white. Other variations are only for professionals of creative professions. Even designers and artists should show their talents in the portfolio, and not in the CV.

3. GramMar

We have to repeat that spelling checking  before sending is not optional but a necessary action. Regardless of whether you are a young professional or a manager with experience, don’t be lazy to check errors and misprints. Then you will not have to blush.

Sad businessman looking for a job and holding his resume
Sad businessman looking for a job and holding his resume

4. Photos in the resume

There are two rules:

First – if you are not applying for a position associated with the responsibility “to be the face of the company” or a resume with photo is not requested, send a resume without a photo. I still do not understand why programmers sometimes send resumes with photo …

Second – if it is necessary to send your CV with photo, make a professional photo of good quality. In this case, inserting pictures in summary, it is necessary to control the size of the resulting file – in some companies, there is a limit on the size of incoming messages.

For the ladies there is an important clarification: As soon as you change the look, the next day you need to change the photo in the resume. From my own experience: while I was looking around in the hall for a blonde with a plait (as I had imagined from the resume with photo), I was followed closely by a brunette with a fashionable fringe – my candidate, that decided to start a new life with new hair. Only a sense of humor of both helped to smooth the interview, which started with such an incident.

Taboo: pictured with curtains, Eiffel Tower, flowered wallpaper on the background, photos from clubs and cafes, beaches, etc.  “Cut” pieces of group photos.

5. Explicit absurdity and ridiculousness supposed to be original

Resume is not an essay about your own life, not a page in social networks. This is a document for business, and originality is the last thing to be expected of it. Therefore the desire to “be not like others” can be comfortably placed in the same social networks on the blog’s pages or in a paper diary. But not in the summary. Statements such as:

Office in the center of the universe, damn you … in Washington;
Worker anywhere;
The driver-bodyguard-gigolo;
I have a tractor driver diploma;

attract a recruiter’s attention of completely different kind. That is you are likely to get in a collection of funny quotes. But you won’t get to the desired position.

Of course, we’ve chosen the most vivid and exaggerated forms of errors in the resume. Unfortunately, they still happen, so we draw your attention to their presence. Checking summary in compliance with generally accepted standards will take a little time, but it’s still beneficial.