Purchases that will really bring happiness

Here are the four purchases that will make you happy.


Once I heard a phrase that made a strong impression on me:

“We do a work that we hate to buy things we do not need.”

We buy things every day without thinking about whether we need them really. As a rule, we spend a lot of our savings on such purchases. But the problem is that they bring only short-term pleasure or do not bring it at all.

However, there are items that will bring you not only fun but also an understanding of on what you actually need to spend money. Here is my list:

Investments in experience

Nothing is more useful than the experience. Therefore it is worth investing. You have to understand that the experience is a versatile concept. If you work as a programmer, it does not mean that you should invest only in the experience in this area. Instead, try everything unusual and memorable.

Improving the working tools

Buying a new cool laptop is pointless. But if you can make more money with the help of it, then it is worth buying. You will ensure yourself with the comfort and speed. Such a nice feeling – the understanding that you can actually pay back an expensive purchase by your own labor.


Travel is closely associated with the experience. Being in an unknown country, you learn so many new things that you would never learn in your native town or in its surroundings. Most people refuse to travel for one simple reason – the high cost. However, there are many ways to reduce the cost of this pleasure. For example, services like Airbnb or Anywayanyday.

Gifts for other

Some people get more pleasure when they present gifts than when they receive them. If you are one of them, you will find nothing new in this tip. But if you do not understand what we are talking about, try to buy a gift for your beloved person, give it and understand what you are experiencing at the moment. If you feel nice and you can not explain in words the reason, just give presents. You do not simply make pleasure to another person, but to yourself as well. It’s worth it.

And what purchases make you happy?