What should remember selfie-stick users

Selfie-stick (a monopod or a tripod for selfie) – the most popular accessory for selfie-lovers. Millions of people in social networks publish with the hashtag #selfiestick their photos. None recent photo accessories  did not produce such a mix of emotions of love and hate. Today we’ll tell you about what it is worth remembering using selfie-stick.


The past 2014 can be considered a year of selfies.

Given such a popularity of selfie, it is not surprising that various accessories for selfie including the selfie-stick began to emerge and created quite a clamor.

Посмотреть изображение в Твиттере

What’s left of our youth today? We are just a narcissistic nation who forgot how to live.

You can actively use the monopod for selfie or consider it an another unnecessary thing, but the fact is that thousands of people every day make a photo using the self-stick.

1. Watch for trends

Sharing on Instagram one of those photos “my cat did selfie” is no longer cool.


Pictures like “my cat took a selfie using selfie-stick” are in trend.


2. Show yourself in all your glory

Forget about selfies that you took without using a selfie-stick. Now you will get into the picture completely!

T-Rex selfie comparision, before and after Selfie Stick invention:


3. Take photos all together

You do not have to take a selfie with each other in turn. Everybody will get into the objective lens. Yes, and the cutest boy in the background too.


4. Find the perfect angle

Why should we take pics of ourselves only when using the self-monopod we can show much more?


5. Remember the Divination 2.0

“Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?” version 2.0


6. Shoot cool videos

Simple photographing is no surprise, but to make a SELFIE video is another thing.


7. Leave the prejudices

Don’t think that only girls take selfie using the selfie-stick.


8. Be sure to read the instructions

Although there is nothing difficult to deal with self-stick, read the instructions and watch video reviews. Remember that there are selfie-sticks of two types: with a separate camera shutter button and the camera shutter button on the handle of the monopod.

If you do not have self-stick

Think maybe you don’t need it at all 😉

Remember the handmade-options.



And of course, you can always play Doom. 😉