8 food products that will make you smarter

Human brain is only 2% of total body weight. But it consumes 20% of the energy produced by the body. That’s more than any other organ does. A lot of energy is necessary for the rapid transmission of nerve impulses. There are products that charge the brain with energy and accelerate its work.




This yellow-green oily fruit is loved by many (especially vegetarians). Avocados doesn’t require cooking and are an ingredient of many dishes (from appetizers to sushi).

Avocados are rich in protein and unsaturated fats. Despite its calories (160 kcal per 100 g), it is considered a dietary product. The oleic acid that avocado contains breaks up cholesterol and prevents the accumulation of fat.

Avocado stimulates the brain work. It improves blood circulation and strengthens neural connections.

Tip: Eat for breakfast toasts with avocado and egg to recharge your mental energy for the whole day.



It’s a delicious and very useful berry. Blueberry is used for the treatment and prevention of eye diseases, and thanks its  pectins helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Blueberries are rich in fiber.

Blueberries can prevent age-related dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s), and improve memory and learning ability. Strawberries and cranberries have similar beneficial influence on the brain.

Tip: Eat fresh or frozen berries. Dried blueberries are too sweet and aren’t so useful.



You already know that fish is useful. It contains vitamin B12 that strengthens the nervous system. But the main advantage of marine fish is omega-3. This is unsaturated fat, that:

  1. improves memory;
  2. improves mood and helps fight depression.

This is why it is recommended to eat salmon in winter when days are short  and nights are long and it’s not enough sun.

Tip: cook the salmon on the grill without oil, if you want a truly dietic dish.

Nuts and seeds


They are rich in fiber, like fruits and vegetables, and in protein, like meat and milk. Nuts and seeds are the source of so important for the effective functioning of the brain energy. Moreover, they contain vitamin E, and magnesium. The first maintains the elasticity of blood vessels of the brain and prevents the oxygen starvation. The second protects against stress and overexertion.

Nuts and seeds are best eaten in their pure form, without the sweet and savory additions. That is, no bars and peanut brittles.

Tip: add more often chopped nuts and seeds to salads, snacks and meals, and pastry.

Coffee and tea


Drinking in the morning a cup of tea or coffee we feel a surge of vitality. No wonder! Сaffeine stimulates thinking, memory and reflexes. And these drinks are rich in antioxidants and can prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Drink fresh and natural coffee and tea. But be careful with sugar. If you want to sweeten the drink without harm to health, use spices: cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg.  A couple of drops of syrup will give coffee or tea a pleasant sweetness.

Tip: do not drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee and tea a day.



Oats take a special place among the cereals. Its good is time-tested: there is a lot of fiber, it has beneficial effects on the heart and circulatory system.

Oatmeal is nutritious and low-calorie (and it has protein and omega-3), and therefore charges the brain with power without harm to the figure. Also, it is full of antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin E.

Tip: add to oatmeal berries and nuts to double the benefits of brain activity.

Brown rice


During cooking, brown rice doesn’t loose its coat where all the nutrients are concentrated. In particular, B vitamins, minerals and fiber.

From the point of view of the functioning of the brain brown rice:

  1. speeds up the metabolism;
  2. provides cells with manganese and magnesium.

Tip: cook brown rice twice longer than white.



Do you love spinach, arugula or salad? Then you will be able to nourish the brain, experiencing gastronomic pleasure. Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in iron and vitamin E.

Iron is essential for the normal functioning of the brain. With its lack a man can not concentrate properly and quickly gets tired of intellectual work.

Tip: Try to eat the greens even in the cold seasons. Prepare salads, snacks and green smoothies.