15 films motivating to never give up


Sometimes, it seems that things go worse, and there is no way out. This is a “good” reason to surrender and begin to cry about your fate. In such moments, the most important thing is to concentrate your forces and to keep fighting despite all problems.

Here’s the list of films that remind you that you can not give up.

Seven Pounds


The protagonist, feeling guilty for the death of 7 people, tries to atone for her. The way he has chosen, requires incredible willpower and determination. This story will make you reflect on your life, the fate of strangers, fatal mistakes and a lot of other things.

The Shawshank Redemption


When you have no force to fight, and the future seems bleak and meaningless, it is important to maintain a human face, to leave yourself a chance to get back and start all over again. A deep and strong film, which is considered a masterpiece of cinema.

127 Hours


An inveterate mountaineer went alone on a journey through the canyons and gets in an extraordinary situation – stuck in the mountains, being immured between a rock and an absolutely immobile stone. What is man driven into a trap ready for, for the sake of life?

Inside I’m Dancing


The heroes of this movie are people in wheelchairs. But they have more optimism than most healthy people. Guys with cerebral palsy do not lose heart, and try to live life to the fullest in this world: to be happy, to do silly things, to protect the weak, to dance and joke.

Cast away


The main character got to an island, separated from the world in absolute solitude. The main task is to survive and escape from the island, which became his home. How to force yourself not to give up and to move on, when there’s almost no hope, and your best friend is volleyball ball?

King’s speech


The film won four Oscars. The story of King George VI that believed in himself and never gave up.

Dallas Buyers Club


The Oscar-winning story of a desire to live, mixed with sharp social subtext and country blues. When pharmaceutical companies do their business on ineffective muck, and doctors can do nothing the hero decides to take his life in his hands and not to give a chance to death.

Slumdog Millionaire


“Slumdog Millionaire” is a story about true friendship, love, life injustice, fortitude and ability to never give up. No matter how many times your destiny tripped you up – it is important to get up and continue your journey.



This film is not about typical embodiment of the American dream, but about a simple guy who despite the difficulties keeps on moving to somehow support his family.



Andy Nieman, a student of a prestigious conservatory gets into jazz orchestra directed by the legendary Terens Fletcher. Fletcher’s exhausting rehearsals and constant nagging lead his musicians to paranoia, and sometimes to suicide. He starts proving Andy that he’s got no talent. But Andy is not going to give up.

12 years a slave


The year 1841. A free black man Solomon Northup was kidnapped from his native city, and sold into slavery. For 12 years, Solomon replaced three owners and witnessed the most terrible human sins – hate, envy, greed. But all these years, despite the hardships, humiliation, beatings, Solomon did not lose hope for freedom and for again to see his family.

Scent of a woman


One of the best roles played by the brilliant actor Al Pacino, and one of the best films of the century. It’s a story of a retired lieutenant colonel, the person who has to suffer because of the blindness and the inability to do what he wants – to spend the day in luxury and in the company of a smart women. But is it that impossible to realize a dream, if you have enough spirit to decide?

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly


the film based on the autobiographical book of the same name, tells the story of Jean-Dominique Bauby, editor of the magazine Elle France. He had a stroke and was completely paralyzed, he only his left eye could move . A rich inner world and a great desire to live saved him from rapid decay and rapid death . Undoubtedly, one of the best films about the man’s love for life.

Knoking on heaven’s door


The story about two sick unto death comrades breaking bad. After watching the film you’ll  start appreciating every moment of life.

Life of Pi


Son of the owner of a zoo tells us about how he after shipwreckeing shared a boat with a zebra, an orangutan and a hyena. And how he survived in the sea in the company of a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. But the story has the double bottom.