Why You Should Grow a Beard

Nowadays beard gets back the former popularity. Although recently it was believed that a man should be clean-shaven. Well, today you can see on the streets of a large number of young persons and adults with a beard. Why is beard so cool?


Guys with a beard are sexy

The guys who have a beard, of course, have a stern look. Most women think these guys are very attractive. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine from the movie “X-Men”), Bradley Cooper (“The Hangover”) and Robert Downey Jr. show that beard adds sexuality. Pimples and acne never added sexuality. Men, as you know don’t apply make up, but the beard can cover the sins of the skin. Plus, it can make your chin more expressive.

Beard is a protection!

Beard can not only decorate your face and make you more sexy, but also it protects you from the sun’s harmful rays. Beard also helps to keep the skin young. In addition, it warms your neck, and it helps you to get rid of a cold.

Bearded guys  are good in bed

I’ll say “yes”, if you have beard on you face!

Every woman wants a man who can satisfy her sexually. A beard – is an additional advantage in bed, because it is a multi-tool in this sphere.  😉

Beard – it is prestigious

In ancient times there was a King of Germany – Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor. And the king often swore by his beard. A little later, in the Middle Ages, if a stranger touched the other nan’s beard, it could give rise to a duel. Today beard is a sign of masculinity, strength and self-respect. A man with a beard gives a woman to know that he can be a good defender.

Guys with a beard is very patient and understanding

Growing a good and beautiful beard is a very long process that requires a lot of patience. You need to endure the stage of beard growth, when you look like a bum. And beard needs to be constantly looked after. Beard balm, beard oil, soap for beard, leave-in conditioner, trimmer. You’ll have to use all this items when you’ll grow a beard. Then you’ll begin to understand women who fill your bathroom with tens and hundreds of different bottles.

Man with a beard is cool, sexy and mysterious. The girls who guys wear a beard can confirm it. Choose a beard that suits your face the best and start growing!