20 ways to change your life with the help of apple vinegar

You know that apple vinegar was used even 400 years. BC? It’s true:  For its healing properties even the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates liked and respected this this elixir.


Humanity used apple vinegar during its entire history. And steel uses now. And it’s not just because it is very useful.

Here are 25 reasons to buy apple vinegar regularly. It can really change your life.



1. Non-toxic way to clean the apartment

It’s not a secret that vinegar is a great household cleaner. It perfectly fights bacteria. And to create a great and safe for respiratory tracts cleaning solution, mix the vinegar with water in equal proportion. This is a great way to protect your home from dirt and bacteria, and you don’t have to inhale toxins from cleaners. Do not worry: when the vinegar dries, the smell immediately disappears.

2. Weed Killer

Apple vinegar in combating weeds is more effective than glyphosate. Just mix 1/2 liter of apple vinegar with a quarter cup of salt and half a teaspoon of soap. The resulting spray will kill any plant and any fungus.

3. Odor neutralizer

If your home is filled with an unpleasant odor,  just spray vinegar on the things that emit the smell. So the smell will disappear faster.



4. Prevention of diabetes

Numerous studies have shown that apple vinegar is effective in reducing blood sugar levels. It also enhances the sensitivity to insulin.

5. Weight Loss

The consumption of foods seasoned with apple vinegar, can make you eat less. Also, acetic acid which is contained in this fluid slows down accumulation of body fat. Add vinegar to vegetable juices, salads and even in water.

6. Lowers cholesterol

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, showed that the apple vinegar blocks triglycerides, and leads to a decrease in the level of cholesterol.

7. Detoxification

Apple vinegar is a great tool for detoxification of body. It’s also leads out of the body free radicals. It contains potassium that helps the body break up clots of mucus and clean lymph nodes. All this helps the body eliminate toxins more efficiently.

8. Clears sinuses

Apple vinegar has a strong antibacterial effect. It also helps prevent infection of the sinuses. Add a little of the vinegar to the water you drink – and you will see that you will be easier to breathe.

9. Angina

If you suffer from a sore throat, mix equal parts of water and apple vinegar, then gargle the throat with  the mixture. Repeat gargling until until all signs of angina disappear.

10. Itching

If you have always something itching, apple cider vinegar should always be at hand. Regardless of why you are attacked by pruritus (insect bite, dry skin, etc.), simply soak the problematic place with apple vinegar.

11. Digestion

If you have troubles with the stomach, then add apple cider vinegar to your daily diet. It has a broad antibiotic properties and helps combat intestinal spasms.

12. The fight against warts

Removing warts is an extremely painful process. To do this, you should go to the doctor. This can be scary and painful. This thing leaves scars. So the next time just apply on the wart a cotton pad soaked in apple vinegar. And even better – bandage that area with a soaked bandage for a night. Repeat every night before until the wart disappears.

13. The energy charge

If you feel tired, do not hurry to run to the shop for an energy drink. Add to water a few drops of vinegar. Potassium and other enzymes contained in it, will give you an instant, though short, burst of energy.

If you drink such a solution in training, it will protect you from delayed onset muscle soreness that occurs due to lactic acid.



14. Strong and silky hair

Just once a week instead of the traditional hair balm use apple vinegar – or rather, a solution consisting of 1/3 cup of vinegar and four glasses of water. It will make your hair shiny and soft. It also helps to balance the pH level of the scalp.

If you have dandruff, twice a week repeat the following procedure. Mix water and vinegar in different proportions. Moisten the head. Wrap a towel around it and leave it for an hour. Then, simply wash it off.

15. Facial Toner

Due to its antibacterial properties, apple vinegar cleans almost everything – even your face. Just put it in a small amount on a cotton pad and use as a toner.

16. Deodorant

Many deodorants are harmful to your health. Apple vinegar helps protect from foul-smelling bacteria and thus does not contain cancer-causing toxins. Just apply it in small quantities in the right places.

17. The remedy for bruises

If you have any bruises or bags under the eyes, you can get rid of them with the help of the same apple vinegar.

18. Whiten teeth

Dilute the vinegar with water in a ratio of one to three, and moisten the toothbrush with the solution. Of course, this thing can’t replace toothpaste, but if you need a whitening effect, it will be.

19. Eliminates bad breath

Use apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash. This allows you to get rid of the bad breath. The thing is that vinegar kills the smell of malodorous bacteria.

20. Smelly feet

As you know, apple cider vinegar is a great mean for suppressing odors, no matter where they come from. So if you have an invisible, but smelly fungus on your feet, try it. This is an excellent natural remedy to combat odors.



21. Juice

Add apple vinegar in the juices and cocktails. This will make them taste a little more spicy.

22. Baking

Any cake would be better if you add there apple vinegar. It is ideal for biscuits, cakes and any other flour products.

23. Sauces

I add apple vinegar to the barbecue sauce. His sharp and sweet taste perfectly decorates any marinade. So you can mix it with any condiments.

24. Soups

Apple vinegar will add brightness to any soup or borsch.

25. Salads

I never buy ready-made salad dressings. Instead, I mix apple vinegar with olive oil.