8 myths about powerlifting


Myth 1: The weight is suitable for men only

Truth: Men are really physically stronger than women are. However, the physiology of men and of women in general is the same: blood circulation, respiration, cell regeneration, muscle growth, and so on. That is why in gyms you will not find exclusively male or exclusively female apparatus. Similarly, there is no male or female exercise.

Myth 2: Weight is not conducive to weight loss

Truth: There are different exercises with weight. Of course, if your goal is developing strength and gaining weight, then you won’t lose weight. But with the help of dumbbells and weights you can also deal with aerobics.  So if your goal is to lose weight, just give preference to power lifting.


Myth 3: It’s harmful for children and adolescents to lift the weight

Truth: Everyone knows that we shouldn’t overload the fragile body with weight. At the same time, training with weights stimulates children’s and adolescents’s bodies for production of growth hormone, which in its turn stimulates bone growth. So do not be afraid to let your child go to the gym.


Myth 4: To remove belly fat, it’s enough to to do situps

Truth: It’s absolutely a misconception. We can get rid of fat in one part of the body only surgically.  The only way is constant exercise and a calorie deficit of10-15%. In such a way yoy’ll create the conditions for your body to burn fat.You will feel the whole body  burning fat, not only in one particular place. And it is much nicer!

Myth 5: To work out your hands you don’t need to work out other parts of the body

Truth: Our body is a single unit, in which everything is interconnected. To increase biceps by 1 cm it’s necessary to add 3-4 kg of total muscle in our body.  Perhaps this sounds paradoxical, but if you are aiming to work out strong arms, work out legs!


Myth 6: The load on the hands makes them over-worked-out

Truth: As a rule, it is one of the strongest women’s fears. Such a threat is real, but only on the condition that your body is packed with lots of anabolic steroids and testosterone.

Myth 7: You can simultaneously burn fat and work out muscles

Truth: Unfortunately, without the use of anabolic steroids it’s impossible. Lipolysis is a catabolic process. It is associated with destruction of the body, complex break up into simpler substances.Working out muscle volume is an anabolic process which is associated with the construction of the body. In this case, the simple substance is converted into complex. Accordingly, our body can be either in anabolic or catabolic phase. Therefore it is necessary to determine the priority sequence for our aspirations.

Myth 8. If you eat after a workout, you don’t get thin

Truth: On average, during one training in the gym we get rid of about 300-500 kcal. Naturally, our body will try to gain them back. And if you do not save him from such a stress, without eating something nutritious,  in future your body will try to build up the body fat of all that you will eat. That is to say, a “for times to come.” Therefore,we should eat after a workout, but it is important to eat the right food. Otherwise, really, you have a chance to not only lose weight but also to gain extra pounds.