How to find the purpose of life in 30 minutes?

Perhaps all the people periodically wonder: “Where do I go and what do I want to see in the end of the road?” But not many can give a clear answer to this. There is a simple and complex at the same time way, with the help of which you can find your purpose and do not doubt that it is real.

There are little purposes: to buy a house, to create a family, to get the respect of colleagues, to get a high position, and there’s no a big one.

It seems that it is very difficult, especially when you have never really thought about it. Different sorts of imposed values may come in your head, and the only response to them is: “This thing can not be my global goal. In fact, it does not mean anything to me. ”

In order to find the target, which really means something, it is not necessary to go to an oracle. The method takes about an hour, but before you start, it is necessary to clarify a few points:

Get ready to accept all
Many associate the word “target” with material goods or some great achievements. Get over the idea that it might not be so. Accepting the possibility that your goal will sound and look quite prosaic and not elevated, means to sacrifice megalomania for the sake of  happy life.

Only good things
The only criterion for this purpose: it brings joy. A person tends to a constant production of pleasure, though you can get it from anything – a well done job, the process of work, communication, knowledge.

So you can check your target after the search, if you do not get a pleasure from it, so it’s not exactly what you need.

As promised, the process is simple:

– Retire
– Write on a piece of paper “My goal in life”
– Switch off your thoughts
– Start to record everything that comes to mind

The bottom line is that when the real goal appears on the sheet in front of you, it will cause an emotional reaction that may end with tears.

It can take some people 20 minutes, others spend an hour. The main thing – do not give up. After the first 100 responses, which do not cause any emotion, you may find that it is stupid and not worth their time. If you overcome this feeling, you will learn something valuable, perhaps for the sake of it is not necessary to spend an extra half hour?

Even during the time of writing several options that cause you emotional lift, but not strong may appear. Highlight such answers, maybe they are a part of a global goal, and it will be easier to find it.