How I love to work at night

I worked almost for 3 years as an editor at night shift. Usually when I talk about it, they look at me sympathetically. Sometimes they even say : “I couldn’t do it.”

Как я полюбила работать по ночам. Изображение №1.

I don’t know why, but the night shift is considered especially hard, even if you don’t work as a loader at a factory, but an editor at a news agency. Usually they talk about biorhythms, that a person has to sleep at night. Night work in general is seen by many people as something unnatural. But I can not agree and I think that night work for many may be a perfect option.

FIRST, work at night does not mean that you switch to the full night mode of existence. Of course, the first time is very difficult to stay awake during the day. But as a rule, it is enough to accustom to sleep a couple of hours after work (for example, if you come back from work at 10 am, sleep to 2-3 pm, and not until the evening), the regime of the day gets normal.

SECOND, work at night is created for introverts without socialization skills (like me): after 9 pm office turns from an unbearably noisy one into almost perfectly quiet, and the number of workers is significantly reduced, and there’s no need to talk with them about anything, that is, worse than any exhausting work.

Third, work at night gives a lot of free time. The time is enough for even another job. Another thing that you have to make at least some sort of a schedule or a plan to keep up with everything. And this, in my opinion, the main advantage of working the night shift – it disciplines stronger than the day.

Как я полюбила работать по ночам. Изображение №2.

However, it would be wrong to talk only about the dvantages of  the night shift , especially if it has disadvantages. What I personally faced:

Night work is not just easy, but it’s a very easy way of getting fat.  Well, in general, to drink tea with sweet biscuits or chocolate, looking at the computer screen is a very pleasant experience, which is very quickly to get used to. And as most of the colleagues do not see you, you can not worry too much about your appearance. That’s why sports is a must when you work at night.

Как я полюбила работать по ночам. Изображение №3.

But all these disadvantages of night work don’t make it unbearable. For me, working the night shift is easy, and most importantly, it teaches me if not to be perfect, but at least to be disciplined.