How to fly

Как правильно летать. Изображение №1. Inspection and passport control

Keys, phone, watch, wallet and small changes from the pockets put in advance to a small bag or backpack compartment: so you can pass faster the inspection.

Check in for the flight in advance via the Internet: it saves a lot of time.

Do not stand in the line where there’s a lot of small children: their parents will be inspected longer.

Business Class passengers  can pass through the accelerated luggage examination and take with them one more passenger.

Как правильно летать. Изображение №2. On flight

In front of the cabin engine roar is not audible, and the most convenient places are just behind the business class cabin: there is plenty of legroom.

If you travel in two, but  your places are in different rows, ask the flight attendant to seat you: it will be faster than to ask passengers to change places.

In winter, try to be the first to enter the plane: those who boarded the last may not have enough shelf space for hand luggage.

In a wide-fuselage airplane upper shelf in the middle of the cabin is much more spacious than side one.

A sweatshirt will help you in any flight: it will warm you up when it gets cold, the hood protects from light and obsessive attention of neighbors.

If yoy take an air bag, remember the laws of physics: inflate it by two-thirds, or during takeoff it will burst.

Как правильно летать. Изображение №3. Baggage

If there are fragile things in the baggage, let employees of the airport know – they will be more careful with himit. When you’ll arrive, your suitcase will appear on one of the first on the luggage carousel.

If you do not want to register luggage, instead of toothpaste and antiperspirant take a tooth powder and dry deodorant.

Most often luggage gets lost in transit flights, especially in the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle: loaders often strike there.

Waiting for luggage can be from one and a half hours to a few days – be ready for the fact that everything you need you will have to buy on the spot.

Как правильно летать. Изображение №4. Duty Free

If possible, do not buy in the Duty Free small souvenirs – key chains, magnets, traditional sweets and canned food: they may cost the same as on the tourist street of the city (or even more expensive).

In Japanese Duty Free alcohol and electronics are the cheapest, cosmetics is better to buy in India or England, clothing of fashion brands buy in France.

If you are a smoker and fly to Europe, do not forget to immediately take a pack of cigarettes: they are several times cheaper than in European stores.

Be aware of the limitations, usually in Duty Free they will not sell more than three items of goods to one person.