How to become regular at a new job

Pros and cons of a new job

On the one hand, according to statistics, wages grow faster for those who often change jobs – in comparison with those who waits for a long time for a promotion or rise of salary.  On the other hand, every time you change job you have to adapt to a new team. There are several ways  of professional approach to speeding up the process of “entering into the family.”

   Make a research

Imagine that you are a company that is entering a new market. Before you go into new territory, it is necessary to analyze the situation. Partially you already did it preparing for job interview. You already know the information about the first people of the company, you know its values, strengths and weaknesses in the market. But you don’t know the people that work there. And here’s the first step – a marketing research and talk with opinion leaders.

Divide the information on the subjective and objective, and find facts that will be useful for sure. For example, a schedule,  lunch time, meetings and staff regulations.

   Use social networks

The next step is social networking. Of course you should not just add the whole team as a friend. Not everyone wants to increase  the number of friends and to open your page with photos of children and cats. Many of them communicate on their pages with 30-50 friends,where you don’t belong yet.

Do not immediately impose yourself. You can just see open publications of team members and discuss your favorite books, movies, restaurants and resorts.

   Make self-promotion

Then begins the stage of promotion, advertising and PR. Think about who from the team will be more likely to work with you? Whose help would be useful? Is there the close circle of people who could support you at first, and form your team later? What would please them and unite for closer talk with you? Focusing on this information, we form a base of activities. These are the first steps towards building up a loyal audience.

And then begin to build a personal brand without drawing their attention on you for a long time. Provide evidence of your usefulness. Can you be useful to these people? Why is it with you it will be interesting to work with? What kind of things will be easier, and what will be more joyfull?

   The most important thing

And finally, the most difficult stage is the establishment of a trustfull relationship. Show that you have come to a new company with an open mind. When people trust, they are often given their trust in return.

Good Luck!