Cheap Life Hacks For Travelers


Future times of crisis is not a reason for sadness, but  the possibility to get new knowledge and skills in economy. Today we want to show you the top 17 life hacks, which will help save on vacation.

1. Buy roundtrip tickets, it is always cheaper than one way tickets.

2. Buy plane tickets on Tuesdays after 15:00. Usually at this time major airlines make discounts on their services in order to compete with low cost companies.

3. In order to save use the ATMs, but not the currency exchange offices at the airport. Most ATMs offer a more favorable rate than the exchange offices.

4. Follow special offers on the websites of airlines and on online travel services, so you’ll always have the possibility to compare prices and filter interesting discount offers.

5. To travel around America and Europe, study the lokal lowcost local carriers. Sometimes these airlines offer tickets up to $ 10, including all taxes.

6. Saving on accommodation is much easier if you are not traveling alone. The cost of a single room doesn’t differ much from the room for two. And if you sattled down together, it isalready 50% of the cost.

7. Do not go on vacation in the peak of the season! This rule applies especially to the Christmass holidays and when prices rise two or three times.

8. One of the most painful facts of traveling through Europe the high costs of food. Here you can benefit from the experience of European students: watch where they eat. In Berlin, Turkish kebabs are cheap and delicious  in Paris – Chinese restaurants, and in Prague – Vietnamese “dining rooms.” In every European city there are the places where you can eat at affordable prices.
9. Do not be afraid to find accommodation outside the city center, especially in Europe. On the map your hotel or apartment may seem to be located in suburbs, but in fact, it will take you 5-10 minute walk to the center. It is also an opportunity to try traditional dishes without tourist extra charge.
10. If you plan to visit museums, exhibitions and other places of interest, download audio guides for sightseeing in advance to your gadgets such from iTunes or Google Play. Thus, on an excursion in the Louvre you’ll save from 5 to 20 dollars if you go in a company or the with whole family.
11. If you want to have dinner at a nice restaurant, go there in the morning and before dinner. In the evening all the tourist go out for evening walks and romantic dinners, so in many cafes and restaurants the prices rise and in the morning, as a rule, many restaurants have discounts up to 20-30% on the menu.

12. Never buy souvenirs at railway stations, shopping streets and airports. Such goods can be bought near the center almost several times cheaper. The most interesting and inexpensive gifts for you and your friends can be bought at flea markets or antique stores. Also, always ask about the possibility of making tax free. This service will help you to get back an average of 15% ad value.

13. To save on taxi, you can book it in advance online. Many online travel agencies offer tourists the opportunity to pay the fare in advance. So you can save from 20 to 300%.

14. Travel by bike! So you will reduce transport costs and get a lot of new unforgettable impressions. Any bike tour reveals a country much better than traveling by bus or by car.

15. Visit the main places of interest of the city on weekdays. Sightseeing on weekdays is always cheaper than on weekends or on holidays. Leave weekends for shopping and sightseeing tours around the city.

16. If you plan your trip in an online agency, pay attention to the offer “hotel + air.” Discount for booking of air tickets and hotel in the complex can be up to 20%.

17. To save on entertainment and excursions buy special tourist maps CityPass. The maps give discounts of 10 to 50% on purchases in the best and most popular shops, on entertainment, attractions and restaurants. For example, with such map in London you can visit for free over 60 attractions in the city and its surroundings. In Japan there are more than 10 kinds of different welcome-maps.