20 things you should consider for you to feel better in the future

Quora asked people who are over 50, what rules in their opinion  would be useful for the 30-year-olds in the future. The answers were very simple, but very correct and wise.

1. Give up smoking!


“If you could see me now, I would kneel down on my creaky knees and asked for at least to think about how to quit smoking,” – says one of the users. No, really, it’s expensive, it’s an unpleasant smell and a 100% guarantee of health problems. Maybe it’s time to stop?



Even if you think that you have a very difficult relationship with your family and sometimes you hate each other – you need to learn to get along with loved ones. Family is very important. Soon you will realize that this is the most important.

3. Use sunscreen.


Do you want wrinkles and thin skin from sun damage? Go to a beach and lie in sun without a sunscreen.

4. Go in for sports. It’s really important.


Lead a healthy life now, and you will be quite active in the age of 50. Do not gain weight. Exercise. Take care of your body.

5. Start saving money.


Save money.  I know this is a boring, trite, and unsexy suggestion, but it’s true.  In your 30s, the average person has a lot of disposable income, some of which can almost always easily be set aside for use later in life.  Plus, building the habit of saving early means you’ll continue it further down the line.



Learn to be content with whatever you have. All humans need to survive is food (including water and air obviously), shelter and clothing. Anything else is luxury.


7. Don’t delay pursuing your life goals.


Want to buy a house? Have kids? Write a book? Get a second degree or advanced degree? Change your career? Learn to play a new musical instrument? Learn to cook gourmet meals? Try scuba diving? Run for public office? Start a business and be self-employed?

8. Sleep


Go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time.

9. Take care of your teeth.


Get your teeth cleaned as often and as regularly as your dentist recommends. Do the daily dental hygiene needed (floss, brush). The longer you keep your own teeth, the happier you will be eating.

10. Collect memories, not things.


You are your life experience. It’s very sad in your 50-s realize that, in exception of material benefits, you haven’t got anything. Memories can not be thrown away, and they will never be depreciated.

11. Give.


Give to others so you feel the goodness that service brings.  However you give, do it with your full heart, soul, and effort. Expect nothing in return.

12. Be curious. Every day do something that scares you.


Go out and do something crazy. Get involved in a real adventure! Take lots of pictures, take someone from the family. These memories will warm you up in the old age.

13. Stop eating junk food


Feed your body appropriately. Eat nutritious foods. Do not eat within two hours of bedtime. Keep your body mass and weight constant.

14. Read at least 10 books per year.


Your brain needs to develop all the time, so stop wasting a lot of time on the TV and video games and read a good book.

15. Travel. As much as you can.


Travelling changes us. It gives us answers to many questions. It inspires. it forces to stop being afraid. Traveling is a thing that will make you feel alive.

16. Learn to meditate.


It will take quite a bit of time and changes in your life will be amazing. And there are many scientific studies that confirm this.

17. Be yourself. Stop comparing yourself to someone.


Believe me, when you will be 50, you won’t care about the impression you make on others. Live your life. Be strong.

18. Keep a diary


You will forget most of your precious memories. Write them down. And be sure to save photos.

19. Cherish your friends.


Keep together with people who help you feel better, that give you examples that you really like. Laugh together. Do crazy things. Enjoy your life.