Simple rules that will help you to do more, to lead a better life and to be more productive!


Multitasking. Here is the slogan of a modern man. We have to cope with everything and be everywhere, cheerful, happy and harmonious.

Are you tired, tense and unfriendly? You are not out of the date:)

So be kind, take heart, resolve all problems, be active, and finally – be Superman!

With such a society demands the risk that you will be teared to pieces soon is very high. Sometimes you can even manage some time to cope successfully with over-loading, but then comes the inevitable fail. And it’s time to admit we are not supermen, we are ordinary people.

At the same time, you probably know people who manage to cope with everything, to be on the wave, not to fail and to enjoy their life and also to help others? But why someone is more efficient and someone is less?

In fact, they are all united by the simple rules that will help you to do more, to lead a better life and to be more productive. Let’s face it.

Supermen do not exist, these are ordinary people who just know how to manage their goals, time, energy, attention more effectively and success is a direct consequence of this. Let’s start with a definition of success. Success – is a time to live your life. Or, it’s time to live your life. Supermen are people who have time to live their lives.

So what are the rules of every Superman?

So, the real superman:

1. Knows exactly what he wants in this life

And it’s not as easy as it seems. He constantly asks himself  the question: Who am I? Why am I here? What can I do better than others? What are my strengths? What can I be proud of? What is really important in this life? How can I help others? Based on the answers to these questions, on his values he builds his life, his business. It is a clear understanding of his values, his strength that helps him to make difficult life decisions, to make choices and to help others.

2. Manages his goals

He does not wait for retirement to start living the life of his dreams and doing what he likes, he’s doing it here and now. And for this he constantly listens to himself, listens to his wishes and sets clear objectives on the basis of his values. He always knows the shore to which he wants to sail. And calculates the strength to reach the goal. He doesn’t live randomly from day to day, to realize that he sailed to the wrong coast.

3. Regularly pays attention to his goals and remembers them

A record in the diary, memo on the wall or even a collage of dreams, all that will make him every day keep the focus on his strategy can be a reminder.

4. Able to prioritize. Focuses on the really important things

He understands that it is impossible to do everything and focuses all attention on the priority projects. Every day, he asks himself, what three important tasks he has to do today to get closer to his strategic goals? And does not go to bed until he does the most important things on the list. He clearly remembers that only 20% of all daily tasks generate 80% of the results. And he cuts off all unnecessary tasks.

5. Manages your attention

He deliberately concentrates on the important things, to achieve the goal. If he is absent-minded, he’s able at the right time to get concentrated and knows how to cheer himself.  He knows that multitasking is a myth and remembers the popular saying: “If you run after two hares, you will catch neither;”;)).

6. Mends and keeps open friendship, knows the art of communication

At the same time, he can give up unnecessary tasks and contacts without hurting the feelings of partners and keeps relationships.

7. Manages his energy

He knows that energy can be obtained from four sources: mental, spiritual, physical and emotional support, and he keeps all the 4 filled. He is able to shift gears and to subject to the natural rhythm: breathe in and breath out, stress and relaxation. If he spent much time and energy on the important task, he is sure to give himself time to have rest and recover. If he used mental energy, he restores it by physical one: he has a walk, run up and down the stairs, meditates.

During the day, he makes breaks to relax. He knows simple breathing techniques to quickly calm down and control himself.

He knows that he is the most important source of everything. So he respects himself and cares about his health: regularly does physical exercises, eats healthy food, which gives him the energy for new victories.

8. Keeps the balance between different spheres of life

He knows that it is impossible to be equally effective in all areas at the same time, so focuses on priority projects, while paying constant attention to such important aspects of life such as: health, personal life, self-realization, relaxation. After all, these areas give him energy.

9. He is constantly growing up and developing and he avoids complacency syndrome

He comes out of the comfort zone. Changes himself, changing the world around him.

He constantly experiments, trying something new and learns from his experience. It is better to regret what he had done than about he didn’t do it.

10. He takes responsibility for his life, preferring to be the source of the events in it

At the same time, he trusts the fate helping it realize his dreams and goals by regular, daily activities in this direction.  “The theory of small steps” helps him in it. Every day he makes the small steps to his big goals and quietly goes ahead and gets the most important victory – a victory over himself!

And as our Superman is in contact with himself, filled with love, he has double strength and energy to help the world and other people. And he multiplies his energy, giving it to others. And the world pays him back. The Universe is grateful, she loves Superman.