Healthy food for busy people

From this post you will learn three tricks of healthy eating.


Today I decided to make life easier for those who do not have time or energy to cook and buy fresh food products. I noticed that most of those who lead a healthy life and eat healthy food at home are housewives or mothers on maternity leave. In short, those who, at least can plan their meals for seven days a week.

But, careerists can’t do this. They come home after dark, and the only thing they have enough forces for is to open a bag of chips or canned fish.

What can you do to always be able to eat not only quickly, but also to eat healthy. Read my three tricks.

Trick number 1: Planning counts about everything!

If you have a family
Plan your shopping and menu for the week in advance.

If you are a lone wolf 
Planning is also good. But then it will be easier to buy products in advance for a month. Perishable goods, such as dairy products and fresh herbs, you can always buy on weekend or on the way home.

Trick number 2: stocks, stocks …

Stocks of the most higly-demanded food products, which also can be stored for a long time are the most important components of a healthy meal in haste.

Yes, fresh food is the best. But if your climate is cold, and all the vegetables are imported, frozen and canned foods are also good.

As for canned food, I am often accused of using canned products like beans, tomatoes and fish. I agree that freshly boiled beans and ripe Italian tomatoes right from the garden are the best. But if the choice stands between a sandwich with bacon and salad with canned beans, beans win here. Even canned.

Here’s what I suggest to have in the kitchen:

1. Canned beans

  • Different fish in oil, tomato sauce – for salads;
  • Different kinds of legumes (chickpeas nuts, beans of all kinds) – also for salads and pesto;
  • Canned tomatoes in their own juice – for sauces and soups;
  • Olives – for salads and pesto;
  • Pesto sauce  – instead of bacon;
  • Anchovies in oil – as a condiment;
  • Sun-dried tomatoes – for salads;
  • Coconut milk – for hot Asian dishes;
  • Canned vegetables of all kinds, to taste – for salads and pesto.2. Cereals and legumes

All what you like. I have buckwheat, oatmeal, quinoa, rice (four kinds), barley, peas, lentils, white and red kidney beans, chickpeas nut …

With such stocks you can always find a side dish.

Do not be surprised! I’m a fan of stocks. If I have something finished, I go and buy it.Even if it happens once in six months.

3. Extra virgin vegetable oils of three kinds

Personally, I always have olive and coconut oil, and the third one varies. You’ll need it for frying and for salads.

4. Two or three kinds of vinegar

For example, cider vinegar, white and red balsamic. Then you’ll be able to make in 3 seconds a great salad dressing on the basis of oil and vinegar.

5. Nuts and seeds of all kinds

Perfect for snacks and salads.

Things to keep in the refrigerator:

  • Lemons – for dressings;
  • Green lettuce – for salads ;
  • Onion – for salads and hot dishes;
  • Carrot – for snacking and salads;
  • Fresh spinach (if available) – for smoothies and salads;
  • Eggs – omelet (the fastest dinner and breakfast!).

Thing to keep in the freezer

Freezer is another story.  It is possible to store a lot of healthy food products for a long time in it.

If you live alone, you can freeze soup in portions right in plastic bags.

The same you can do with sauces, liquid desserts and even sweets! All of this can and should be frozen for future use. Do not save money on convenient plastic containers for freezing. They will save you a lot of money and health.

In addition, in my freezer you can find:

  • frozen bread (usually home-made);
  • a lot of frozen vegetables – for hot dishes and omelets with vegetables for breakfast;
  • frozen berries – for smoothies;
  • seafood, fish and meat

Trick number 3: semi-finished products

This is something that you consciously made in advance, and not just frozen remains of dinner.

Often  we want something sweet, tasty, and unhealthy… These are the things our eyes meet first when we are hungry, “here and now”.
In my experience, I mostely tend to make a sandwich or to eat a cookie.

Therefore it is always good to have a replacement:

  • Instead of bought in a store bread bake two kinds of useful loaves;
  • Instead of cookies bake muffins without sugar and flour and freeze them.
  • instead of buying candies, buy dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%, dried fruit and nuts (already have in stock?).

Warning: although all these goodies are useful, you should be careful. Especially with dried fruits and sugar-free muffins.

Here are my tricks that help me to cook something tasty and healthy independent from any employment.

Good health to you!