10 signs that you killed your productivity

So, you say you don’t know anything? You’re saying you just found the body in the office and have no relation to this brutal murder?

I don’t believe you. We have irrefutable evidence that you killed your productivity with your own hands!


1. You spend too much time on simple tasks

Sometimes you spend a few hours on writing a simple letter or on creating uncomplicated sketch. You explain it by your commitment to excellence in every detail, but in fact there is quite another thing. Inability to complete a task on time is one of the signs and causes of procrastination that makes your productivity worse.

2. You are planning  too much

Sometimes you spend hours compiling sophisticated schedules, filling the calendar and writing lists. During this time, half of the cases of these lists may change, and the second half may loose its urgency.

3. You  work without a break

You used to come to work the first, and left for home the last, without getting up for a break all day. However, this is not going to benefit the performance of your work. On the contrary, the more you work, the less it becomes efficient.

4. You change infinitely various techniques and programs

When you see that your productivity is really bad, you decide to improve it by artificial means. You study various techniques to install special software, try online services. Gradually, it can even change into a neurosis. You become a great expert in this field, but there’s no practical result.

5. You are always waiting for the right moment to start

You have never started a work just at the moment when it is needed. General cleaning, jogging in the park, letter to the director – all this requires, in your opinion, the special position of stars in the sky, weather conditions, mood and a variety of other factors.

6. You check the mail every two minutes

And not just mail. Social networks, news sites, chats and forums.  For any reason.

7. You work in multitasking

You have always been charmed by laurels of Julius Caesar, and you, like him, have always tried to deal with several things at once. Report writing, surfing the internet, talking on the phone and checking e-mail while you are working can’t bring high results.  Neither qualitatively nor quantitatively.

8. You did not pay attention to your instruments

In order to perform any task, we need appropriate tools. And the more they will be better, the better the result will be. What efficiency can be, if your computer is from the last century, the Internet is slow, and the programs were never updated.

9. You are surrounded by chaos

Yes, you can call it “creative chaos”. Yes, you can justify this whole mess on your workplace by the lack of time. But we all know that the matter is quite different. You just slowly kill your productivity and naively try to hide behind this picturesque interior depicting tireless career.

10. You don’t develop new skills

Knowledge is the basis of performance. You should get benefits from learning new technologies and acquiring new skills. You never wanted to learn something new, or to learn to do your work in any other way except as indicated in the instructions.

The evidence is undeniable. Your silence only aggravates your guilt!

Or you can still say something for your own defense?