How I kept a diary and why you also should do it

Personal diary is not only for little girls. Even brutal bearded men can keep a diary. This habit will give you too much to neglect it. Below I’ll talk about how this habit helped me and why you should have such a habit too.


Movies allow us to live the lives of others for a few hours. That’s why we love it. But there are things that movies banalize, creating the false impression that they are absurd, stupid and do not deserve our attention. One of these things is personal diary.

I always thought that personal diary is a pink locked notebook,  in which girls write about broken hearts, uncomprehending parents and first impressions of life. Diary is put deeper into tables or under the pillow, so that no one has access to it. Indeed, it contains your life and your emotions.

But movies are wrong.

Diary  is your window to the world of memories. It’s a world that can not be trusted only the brain.

I decided to try it. I choose Evernote, which I love and hate with all my heart.



I created a notebook “Dear Diary” and began to write. Irregularly. I often wrote under the impression from some events that inspired me and I knew I wanted to remember or analyze them. I find it easier to analyze, when I write the thoughts down, and do not keep them in mind.

Diary helps to look into the past. You can open the records, you did a few years ago, and laugh at yourself. Or cry. Remember the emotions that overwhelmed you at the time, and what events they have caused.

Keeping a diary is not difficult. On the contrary, starting, it is very difficult to have a break. When you begin to write the first thought, the second and the third immediately go next.

Giving advice on keeping a diary is difficult. This is a very personal and creative activity. But something still can be recommended:

  • Do not be shy. You write for yourself, and no one will read your mind, unless you want it. It is important in keeping a diary to be frank. Do not be afraid to express your emotions. If you are brutal bearded man, do not be afraid to be a whiny little girl. This is your diary, and you can write down whatever you want.
  • Forget about regular basis. Write when you have something to say. Writing a couple of lines ot  the same time each day, you risk turning diary in routine tasks. If you want to do long breaks, make them.
  • The form does not matter. You want to keep a paper diary, because you like to keep in the hands a physical thing? Please. You’re a practical person and want to use Evernote, Day One, or something else? Not a problem. There is no right or wrong choice.
  • Write about everything. Do not make the diary a mirror only of good or bad events of your life. Write everything you remember. If there was something good, you can remind yourself about it through time; if there was something bad, can shoot out the accumulated negative emotions.
  • Negativity is also important.  Write about the bad. remember the phrase “get it off your chest and it will be easier”.  It’s true, but in this case you share your thoughts with an inanimate object. But it still helps.

Keep a diary. Do you like to read stories? What if after a while you will be able to read the story of your life?