Time Management in simple words. 5 causes of your procrastination

How to get rid of chronic procrastination? Simply, if you know its cause. All five of them.


When a man says that he has a problem with time management, it means he has in mind procrastination.

Procrastinate it’s to seat in social networks, watch TV or re-read news portals.

If you say you have rest this way, who are you kidding? If this is your way of relaxation, it’s the worst one of all possible.

However, it’s simple to get rid of this chronic habit, if you know the causes of  your procrastination. All five of them.

Reason № 1. Problems with the objectives

Just imagine. You do not know where you’re going. You do not know your long-term goals. Your life values are blurred.

What happens in this case? Somebody else sets  your goals and values for you: TV, boss, family and friends.

Why is it bad?

Because these goals are not real, not yours. You can never feel the motivation that comes from within, from your nature, almost from your genes. Your work will never bring you pleasure (yes, it happens sometimes!).

When our life is filled with such imposed on us things , we begin to procrastinate. Procrastination is a subconscious sabotage of your body. It resists cases that are not associated with your real internal purposes.

How to find your purpose? How to release them from your mind?

For example, you can read the following:

  • The book “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi will help you find a deal of your life. Professor Csikszentmihalyi studies have shown that only doing work of your dream you can be truly happy.
  • The book “Psychology of Achievement” by Heidi Grant Helvorson says about how to set goals. It turns out that the same objective can be formulated in different ways.
  • The book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. Bestseller number 1 in the world for personal growth. About values. About purposes. Covey’s second skill is directly related to purposes : “Begin imagining the result.”
  • The article “How a milkmaid became a successful woman”, the system Agile Results, which will help you link your daily activities with the goals of the week, month and year.

Reason № 2. Perfectionism

We used to imagine a perfectionist as a person who is always running, working on something.

But this is not always so! Sometimes a perfectionist is a person who just sits on a chair, looks at the screen and does nothing. But he has very different reasons for it.

He waits for the right moment. He needs a start-up capital. He needs a good time. He needs stock market to be on the rise. It is only when all the conditions (and stars) converge, then he can start to do something.

Until this moment he procrastinates.

What to read on this subject?

  • The book “The Paradox perfectionist” by Tal Ben-Shahar. An Excellent book!

Reason № 3. Problems with energy

How a person works? It’s a hard work for few days in a row without a break, with litres of coffee and so on. And then the person is suddenly attacked by procrastination.

The correct option is to relax truly. Sleep. Have fun. Rather than sitting and pretending that you are working, it is better to devote yourself to a few days of rest at 100%.

We recommend the books:

The Power of Full Engagement ” by Jim Loher and Tony Schwartz – a book in which was born the concept of “Energy Management”.

Reason № 4. Distractions

You’re sitting at your worktable. Trying to work.

At this time, around the corner from you there’s  a refrigerator full of delicious dishes, cakes, ice cream. The room is filled with aromas of freshly baked cookies and coffee. TV works. Entertainment Channel shows humorous skits. In the corner there’s a PlayStation. At the same time, from the time you your friends call you, send you SMS or notifications from social networks.

To work in such an environment, you will need all your willpower. Willpower – what is it?
It’s a “muscle”. You can stretch it sometimes. But you can not stretch it all the time. Sooner or later it will get tired. And you power your will in procrastination. And then the “muscle” gets restored. And you take the next  heroic attempt to work.

What to do?

It is necessary to minimize the use of willpower while you work!

It is necessary to configure the workspace so that you do not distract.

Reason № 5. An impossibly big project

Maybe a task that you face is a huge project. Something new, strange, frightening. Your subconscious mind again riots. And gives you a command: ” Get lazy!”.

The solution is simple: it is necessary to divide the task into small subtasks.

  • You can not get to work? Work at least 30 minutes. And there’s a chance that you will get interested. This mental trap is described more by Robert Cialdini in his book “The Psychology of influence.”
  • Keep a notebook or a tape recorder. If during work you get some message or any idea comes to you, just record them to come back to them later. Do not break your workflow. Do not be distracted.

To sum up

Procrastination and laziness does not make you a bad or worthless person. This is simply the result of some internal and external causes. Eliminate them, and lazyness will go away, I promise you.

Write in the comments!

What reason is the source of your laziness?