The principles of real partnership

Not all sturtups survive. One important reason for this is the inability of enterpreneurs to negotiate with each other and to respect the principles of partnership. There are my thoughts on this subject below.I don’t say that my opinion is completely right. Many men – many thoughts snd most of them are right.


Partners are closer than friends

The real partner is first of all  a person who shares the moral and material responsibility for the overall project, constantly works on solving business problems in the context of the project and eliminates any misunderstandings in business relationships. This is someone who, like me, is aimed at success. But most importantly he has a high level of human values.

Why are human values so important  in the context of the partnership? If to build the entire schematic  line of human relations, it will be a curve of closeness  – from your children to your enemies. Children are closest to any person, then goes husband or wife, and parents. Then brothers and sisters. Then – business partners. Yes, not relatives or friends, but business partners.

For me, a partner is much closer than a friend, as his values must be closer than the values of friends. Friends can be forgiven for much things, but partners – no. The relationship between real partners are built on the basis of absolute transparency and trust, each side shows interest in the subject, not only its own, but the interests of the other party. Thus, the partners must constantly express a willingness to compromise, to argue expressing their own point of view and to listen to the viewpoints of the partner.

Regardless of the distribution of shares, the business relationship between the partners are to be built on the basis of parity and mutual respect. None of the parties is not “more important” or “less important” in any process, the partners must always be equal and to complement each other in the context of shared interests and common sense, forming an ultimatum team on the market.

If you see that your partner uses you as a tool to achieve his own goals, this is a bad partner. It’s very easy to check it out – you need an artificially-created, or as I call it a”technical” crisis that you create in order to check the partner. It is important that both of you go through it. And whatever the outcome will be, you should definitely confess about this test.

Brains and money

On what principle are based business and partnership? There are two key components – the brains and money. Communication is also important , but brains and money are prior. Money is much less willing to compromise than brains – money always believes to be the main thing. This is – a misconception that has led millions of potentially successful partners to collapse. If one partner is rich, and the second – isn’t, but he does have a working idea – partners involved in the project should be absolutely equal. This does not mean that one partner must endlessly finance the activities of both. This means that in the beginning he accepts the value of the idea of a partne. This moment is the most important in the life of any partnership – the recognition of the value of the other.


Many businessmen are not ready to give an equivalent share of the business the partner who did not do material investments, at best, they are ready to express their respect and recognition for his brain, giving him the opportunity to run the business and earn a good salary. And in the moment when he earns good money, they give him the opportunity to start as an equival in the project. This point of view, although it has the right to exist, is inherently wrong because it somehow leads to intractable conflicts and situations when the money rules.

People who do not consider it necessary to evaluate the ideas and work of their partners, giving priority only  to their money, in my opinion, aren’t worth of partnership. They differ a little from those who are on the last step of principles of business ethics – those who use their partners, steal their ideas and then jilts them in an attempt to implement the project on their own. Even in the case of the successful implementation of a stolen idea, such a person loses in the other fields – in the social capital, family, in the education of children and in personal karma.

We live in a time when there is much more money than good ideasin the world

Tere are not much people who are able to invent and create something. And there is a lot of money. In this case, the fundamental principles of the economy of backward societies tell a different story: money rules the world. Meanwhile, in fact the modern economy is an economy of knowledge.

Economy of knowledge appears when:

  • Knowledge becomes a full-fledged product;
  • Any product contains a unique knowledge;
  • Knowledge becomes one of the main factors of production.
  • The knowledge economy is meaningless without complying with the principles of partnership.

About the trust and conflict

It’s not enough for partners to think in the same direction, they are obliged to think simultaneously. It is difficult to find two equally qualified people, but both partners should be equally involved in the daily process. And, of course, the major aspect in any partnership is trust – a strong sense of security and confidence in your partner. Confidence  is the most essential component in this partnership.

The best partnership is when the parties appreciate the value of personal resources and objectives within the project and are ready from time to time to review the current arrangements, especially if the situation has changed.

Finally, I want to mention another aspect of the partnership – patience. It’s necessary to be patient to business partner and in the relationships in the overall performance. As Albert Einstein said – ‘The one who wants to see the results of his work immediately, must become a shoemaker.’