16 rules of life that are useful to know as early as possible

What’s the difference between an adult and a child? First of all, it’s the fact that an adult knows the hard truth of life. From their own experience or from observations, they come to the conclusion that Santa Claus does not exist, pink unicorns do not frisk in a strawberry field and life in general is pretty hard thing. We must take everything into our own hands and rely on our own strength.


1. No one will give you a comprehensive answer to the question of how to be happy and successful. The Internet is full of articles giving advices on achieving happiness and success in business. Some of them even based on real histories of quite decent people. But none of this articles, no one course does not give a guarantee that the stated methods and techniques will work for you personally. There is no a universal suiting for all prescription.

2. It is not always the easiest way is the most correct. Everybody tells us that we need to deal with what we like. However, not always the most pleasant work is correct and useful. It is better to do the right things slowly than to do nonsense fastly.  The path to success often lies across roads with potholes and does not look like a pleasant trip on the freeway.

3. The opinions of others can destroy. No, don’t completely ignore the opinion of other people, but don’t let them form your mood and agenda. Just take note of it, but no more.

4. Your circle of contacts can make you stronger or drown you. No matter how strong, intelligent and strong-willed person you are, you can’t achieve success without support. Re-read the biographies of great men, and in the shadow of each you will find a wife, a colleague or even an entire team that helped him. Select people in your inner circle with utmost care.

5. Principles – it’s inconvenient. Following the principles and rules will not make you the most popular, pleasant and gentle person. Sometimes, not only can suffer from your principles, but also your belovedpeople.

Principles are as a hard bed that is uncomfortable to sleep, but forms a good spine.

6. You will always be incredibly imperfect. But that’s not a reason to give up.

7. Comfort kills dreams. There is nothing wrong with wanting to secure a comfortable and full of enjoyment of life, but it should be remembered that this is the end of moving forward. So you have to choose just one thing.

8. If you want to achieve something, then you must make an effort. If you want something new, then you have to stop doing something old. If you want something that you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done before. The bottom line is that you’ll never be at a different point, while you stand still.

9. Our life  is the result of  only our choice. The difference between several options for the future depends only on our choice. You are not a result of circumstances, you are a result of your own decision making. Sometimes it is difficult to accept, and we want to shift the responsibility to someone else’s shoulders. But in fact, it is you and your decisions are the root of everything.
10. The only link between desire and possession is action. This law of life takes immediate effect, as the law of gravity, and no one has yet been able to break it.

11. Success has no value, if it wasn’t paid enough. Only the efforts and overcame obstacles make your achievements really important. The world is full of rich people, who have become such by birth, but who is interested in them? Everybody  admires people who, through their efforts achieved something, even if their success is quite modest.

12. Problems are a part of every story of success . If you have any problems, it’s good. This means that you are moving forward. This means that you are learning and growing.

The only people who have no problems  are those that don’t do anything.

13. Focus is everything. You can break the wall with your fist , focusing all your strength only in one place. Don’t randomly swing your arms: maybe looking from the side it will look spectacular, but it won’t bring the result.

14. What you want and what you achieve is not always the same thing. All stories of success are drawn to us as a two-dimensional graph of the rise and fall. A hero clearly sees the goal and moves steadily toward it, overcoming obstacles. But in fact, every life is more like a tangled maze with lots of traps, branches and dead ends. And many of us choose our convenient dead end and decide to settle in it.

15. You are exactly where you should be at this very moment. Even if something goes not as you would like. Even if you went the wrong way and you want to start all over again. Every experience and every step is necessary.

16. You can not change yesterday, but today you can take care of tomorrow. Live in the present. But do not forget that it makes the future.

Life is a series of random events, on which we can only influence indirectly. But  this very effect is ultimately decisive.

Don’t miss the opportunity to focus on what’s really up to you, and do not regret about you can’t change.

Don’t look back. Just take the right course and confidently move forward. We don’t know what awaits us beyond the horizon, but it makes the journey even more exciting!