How to learn to see people through

A short, but a wonderful parable that will teach you to understand people a little better.


Once the disciple asked the old man:

– How can I learn to see people through – whom can I trust and who to distrust?

– To start, I’ll tell you about those who you should be careful with. – said the old man.

– Beware of the humble-looking! If someone bows to you, hugs you and shows you his liking, that you fear – this one is the most dangerous!

– But, why is it so, Teacher? – the disciple was surprised. – Tell me!

– Because he’ll be the first to betray you! – The old man answered with a sigh.

– Who should I trust then? – asked the disciple.

– Trust those who is easy-going and says you only the truth, whatever it may be. Such people will be first to help you!

The old man said:

The true humility is always unnoticeable, that’s why it is hard to be found; but if you find it, it’ll never betray you.