Throw it away!


Get rid of unnecessary things in your life. Start with cleaning.
Love to old junk is a sign that you are strongly tied to the past, and it hinders you on the way to the future.
Your house is you yourself, your reflection. If you want changes – start from your house. When the house is clean and tidy, then the mind comes into order, and things are improving.

Having dealt with a pair of old shoes, you can change the hairstyle, job, apartment or to  look differently at what you have.

General Principles

Having decided to get rid of the old junks in the house, you have to be decisive and pitiless, and clearly understand why you do it. Keep in mind the following:

  • Before buying something new, get rid of something old.
  • If a thing hasn’t been used for a year or two, it won’t be used ever.
  • Ask yourself: Do I leave this thing because it makes me happy or because I need to leave it? If it’s the second option, then it’s time to throw into the trash.
  • Your memories aren’t physical objects. To get rid of the old cracked grandmother’s vase doesn’t mean to get rid of the memories of how wonderful your grandmother was.
  • If it is unclear whether it is necessary to throw some things, hide them somewhere for a month. If during this time you will need some of them, you may leave the it and the rest throw into the trash bin.
  • It’s not necessary to throw everything. Maybe some things are new and have never been used or put on. Share them, give to charity or arrange a garage sale.


Start with clothes and shoes. If you leave old clothes, you develop a philosophy of poverty, thinking that you can’t buy new things, and you will have to wear old and unfashionable clothes that you have.

  • All old, worn, stainted and holed clothes trow to the trash. Every old thing is, in fact, unrealized dreams and plans.
  • The less things you leave the sooner they will be replaced with new ones.
  • It is important to have in your wardrobe truly favourite things. Favourite things give confidence, and they suit you in some other way, wearing them you feel something special and this feeling is transmitted to all others.
  • If you experienced physical discomfort wearing some clothes, or if they are associated with unpleasant memories, they must be ruthlessly expelled from your wardrobe.
  • In general, keep your wardrobe in order: hang clothes by color or style, do not leave clothes hanging on the chair backs, wash dirty clothes in time.

Bathroom and furniture

It is not surprising that something  always impedes the implementation of your plans. Look how much stuff are around you, preventing the circulation of your ideas. When the house is filled with things that you love, or use often, they get energized. A blockage, on the other hand, has a strong negative influence.

  • First of all, cracked crockery and mirrors with some defects should be in the trash bin.
  • Broken appliances are to be repaired or thrown away.
  • The books that were bought by accident and were never used throw away. Ultimately, a set of books, that reflect you today and the way you want to be tomorrow, should remain.
  • There is always a temptation to put aside obsolete or requiring repair things. But it’s like to postpone happiness and harmony in the house.
  • The maximum lifetime of a bed or of a couch (at least the mattress) is 10 years old, pillows – 3 years.
  • Keep the house spotlessly clean. Make it look as comfortable and nice as you can afford.
  • Prepare carefully even the simplest meal and lay the table with taste.
  • Feelings when buying a new thing will affect your health, when this thing will be in your house.
  • Buy only what is perfect, not just cute.
  • Constantly change something in the house, move furniture, clean the dust. Let the things know that they are not forgotten.

Do not be a hamster. If to hide everything in the hole, gradually things will block all the pores of the house and it will be  difficult to breathe in your own room. Do not keep the old things: if you want positive changes in life, make room for them.