7 reasons why it is better to work for yourself

Some time you will see that it was one of the most wise your decisions!


Many people after graduation are convinced that it is time to get a job. However, this is not the best idea. Why? It’s very simple. There is an alternative – to work for yourself, and there are at least 7 reasons why it should be so:

1. You earn round the clock

Of course, to get a well-paid job and to exchange your time and labor for the money is a great idea. However, it is not wise. Why? Because at work you are paid only when you work. Have you ever thought that it would be better and easier to get money even when you are not working? Imagine how your life would change if you received income around the clock.

You spend more than 40 hours a week at work. A few people care about this fact. Each of us cares about the value and importance of what he gets. That’s why we are willing to pay. Therefore exchanging your time for money is not the best way to earn.

This is, for example, a startup, investing in something, the income from your inventions, a website creation, receiving a fee for a creative work, etc. In this case, you create a system that constantly delivers value to people, generates revenue and operates continuously, regardless of whether you are spending your time on it or not. First you need to spend some time and effort on developing and implementing your own system of revenue production. Started the system, you no longer have to exchange your time for money. From that moment the bulk of your time will be focused on increasing your income through the improvement and development of your system or run the new systems.

2. All the income is yours

When you’re an employee, you need to make enough value to cover not only the cost of your salary (bonuses, benefits package, etc.) and taxes, but also to make sufficient income to the owners or investors. Thus, at work you get paid only part of the real value generated by you. Your real salary may be several times higher, but most of the money you will never get. When you work for yourself you get all of your income.

3. Control your income yourself

When you want to increase your income being an employee, you constantly have to prove the correctness of your claims. In this case, you don’t always get a satisfying answer. In your own system of income only you decide when and how much you should get.

4. You get knowledge how to become financially independent

Usually, people get a job to get work experience. However, we all get the experience from the life, regardless of whether we have a job or not. Any work only gives the experience of this work. In the beginning you do learn a lot of new, but then you move without any changes. Because of this, you usually miss many other more important and valuable possibilities. Ask yourself, what kind of experience you would like to get? Would you like to do a particular job exchanging your time for money or to get the knowledge of how to achieve financial independence, without employment? It’s likely you choose the second option.

5. You’re the master of yourself

When you get a job, you have a direct manager or director. What happens if you don’t agree to obey or to execute someone’s orders? Such a work you don’t enjoy is depressing or causes internal protest. In the case of the creation of your own system of income you are the master of yourself.

6. You are safe

Most people believe that getting a job is the most reliable and secure way to keep yourself and your family. I do not know how our society can feel safe being in a situation where at any time you can lose the main source of income – work. As an employee, you cannot feel safe, because you do not control the situation. Only by working on yourself, you keep everything under control.

7. You fix your circle of contacts and freedom of movement

When you work in a certain organization, you have to communicate with people working in the same area. In addition, in any company, there is corporate culture. This imposes certain restrictions and requirements on you. Not all of you will agree to be in such a dependency. Working for yourself, you are totally independent in your choice. You do what you like and live happily.

In conclusion

Everybody has a choice: to get a job or to create a source of income in other way. Trust your intuition.

As time passes, you will see that it was one of the most of your wise decisions.


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