HOW TO BE yourself and to find your place in life

A simple but a very effective method that will help you see the picture of your life from the outside and decide to change it!


“Happiness – it’s when You want to go to work in the morning and in the evening you want to go back home.” According to this saying I could not call myself happy. I loved my job, but I was afraid to change my life, following the principle of “bird in the hand”.

Life according to the instructions

Our ability to live according to someone else’s rules, in fact, is amazing. We forget about our own interests and obey the laws of the society in which we live. Gradually we becom a kind of “robots”, doing always the same. We forget how to besurprised to risk and to choose. We spend more time on work than on the family and consider it normal. We work without interest to the business and slowly destroy ourselves.

We understand this, but we can’t fix the situation. Or simply don’t want to. Because we got accustomed to it end even accepted it. Our shoulders hunched, we changed our attitude to the given circumstances. Habit is something strong and stable that keeps us more than any thought of inner harmony and potential development. Time is ticking by.

But one day we suddenly getaware that our life is only in our hands. And suddenly we decide to change everything.

Victory over Fear

I never had a strong-willed character and adventurism was not my strong point. When I realized that my tears were strangled emotions, and the salary didn’t cause positive emotions, I decided to leave the job. As a responsible person, I could not exchange a steady income and benefits package on a mirage. I couldn’t do it alone because of fear. Therefore, I was waiting for a good deal of chance, a very good reason because of which I could with a clear conscience quit a well-payed but unloved job and do what I like. Years passed and nothing changed. Having collected all the will  I took this fateful decision myself.

But once I did what others secretly dream of, illogical things began to occur . People who for many years were in my environment, were rapidly moving away. They stopped inviting me to visit them, because I didnot support the common themes of conversations. They even stopped to call me, because I didn’t want to talk about the eternal lack of money and the children’s diseases.

Parents and teachers once convinced me that we should be good, decent and well-mannered people. I built my adult life with these requirements. In fact, each person has a duty to realize himself. I came into this world, not in order to respond to someone else’s expectations and to create comfort for others. Recognition of the fact that I was living someone else’s life, was another victory over my fears.

Looking back, I can say that the most difficult thing was to make a decision. Having won the first stage, I wanted to go to the end. Now I understand how it is to enjoy every day, to notice the colors of autumn, to breathe the fresh air of winter, to write articles. I am happy because I believe in myself.

Are you unhappy with your job? Why don’t you quit? The answer will be a program for future actions.

1. Identify the advantages that your job gives you today .
2. Identify the disadvantages of your work. For example, what it deprives you of?
3. Divide the list in two, make a detailed list in the column “pros” and in the column “cons” and summarize what was more.
Perhaps this is a bit primitive, but effective. You will see the picture of your life as if from outside. And the more you don’t like it, the more likely you’ll decide to change.

The correct choice of profession is as important as the choice of a life partner
We spend a third of the day t work. Think about it! on what do you spend your life? Why to regret of what brings no pleasure? You’re not sad that the snow will soon melt and spring comes?  The renovation process is inevitable.

If you feel that the work is not a joy, and you will still come to the decision to change it, why to hesitate? Burdened by doubts,  postponing the decision for a long time, you can delay the start of your new life.

Working for yourself, you don’t have time to work for others

Starting your own business, it is better to overestimate your abilities, than to underestimate. Add some wisdom to stubbornness and you’ll get perseverance. If capacity is not enough, but the desire is huge, do not rush to give up the dream. Maybe you will not become superprofi, but will receive satisfaction from work. All qualities and abilities can be developed and achieved. And when you’ll succeed, it will be easier to start new things.


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