How to enjoy the economic crisis

Positive aspects of the economic crisis that we should begin to appreciate in the current situation!


Exchange rates and price tags in stores continue to make us shocked. No money. Different companies have started to lay off their employees. We now travel in Windows screen savers and in photos from the National Geographic. But everything else will be much, much better!

Here are the positive aspects in the current situation:

1. Diet

The prices on meat will rise, tropical fruits and exotic vegetables are not affordable, which means that we will eat natural food: buckwheat with personally collected wild mushrooms, rice, potatoes, carrots, sauerkraut, all in accordance with the most fashionable culinary concept of the day – to eat only what is grown within a hundred kilometers away from where you live. As a result (if not to eat much bread and potatoes) your figure will be just fine. The meat we will eat only on holidays, which is also generally much healthier than to eat pork every day.

2. Homemade crafts

Have you noticed that girls suddenly massively began to learn to knit? Twenty years ago homemade sweaters of acid colours were ridiculed for poverty and bad taste. But now they are up-to-date.

3. Culinary Arts

Our ancestors said if there are good products well anyone can cook. Now everything is right the opposite. Now we have to learn Hungarian six degrees of onions roasting, how to cook pasta with carrots.

4. Wives will stop shopping

She won’t say ‘come with me to the store to help me choose a dress’. Because such a purchase  will be the same as buying a car in the recent times.

5. No more traffic jams

If the price of gasoline will be about a dollar per liter, and the state also will apply the tax maneuver and will introduce new excise tax, to drive a car every day will be a little expensive. In addition, the maintenance of the car will also be a very expensive as the spare parts are all imported or made from imported components.

6. We will enrich spiritually

We’ll have no money on entertainment (and no time, asafter work we will knit skirts), so instead of going to the cinemas and getting drunk in bars, we will sit in the library. Also books can perfectly stoke stoves.

7. We will be closer to nature

Do you have a country house? Plant potatoes, onions, carrots and turnips. Agricultural work, by the way, helps to strengthen the shoulder girdle and the gluteal muscles: the abs will be hard and butts will be beefy.

8. Repair

We didn’t repair anything, if something broke we threw  the thing and bought a new one. Now boys will learn from the Internet how to repair electrical resistors and transistors. We’ll begin to repair the taps in the bathroom, to fix and maintain the car … It certainly takes a lot of time, but gives great moral satisfaction, much more than even a victory in a computer game.

9. We will appreciate what we have

Then  everybody had everything, and the things didn’t bring such pleasure. Now they will! And may we possess not everything, but we will again start to appreciate what we have and even will be proud of it. Isn’t it an achievement?


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