Powerful practice of purification from negative

For you to accelerate the achievement of your objectives, it is necessary to do the purification from negative thoughts!


Resentment and negativity sometimes impede our success so strongly that we just cannot live a full life. They stifle our soul, and an unforgotten grievance may even turn into a disease.

After this practice you’ll have a huge amount of energy that you can spend on the fulfillment of your dreams. You’ll be easier to breathe, some dreams will become true by themselves and your business will look well.

The most important thing in the purification

The most important thing in the purification is to forgive all those who have ever hurt you and yourself as well. This procedure is rather unpleasant, but very important. After cleaning your thoughts, the results will appear immediately. After the practice on the next day I’ve got back a large sum of money I had lent.

What do you need?

So what does it take to do this not quite pleasant process?

Firstly, honestly and openly admit the qualities of your character that bother you to live normally – it can be envy, jealousy, resentment, anger, hatred, inferiority complex, etc. You can even write down these qualities. The most important thing – be honest with yourself. Sometimes it is very difficult to admit that you’re envy or jealous.

Close your eyes and imagine slowly all your life from birth to the present day. Try to catch all the details.

If you want to get rid of jealousy, try to remember who caused you pain in your life, after which you acquired this quality?

Perhaps you were betrayed or abandoned?

Remember everything in as much detail as possible.

Remember your first unilateral love, betrayal of friends and resentment against your parents.

In these moments you got inferiority complex and stopped loving yourself.

Maybe you were mocked at school or your friend said you were fat in that dress? Go through it again.

Cry, suffer, experience again this pain.

Yes, it’s very hard.

But in order to get rid of what you are suffering, it is necessary to go through it again. When you have experienced the pain inflicted by an offense, remembered who caused it to you, tell this person mentally, “I let you go. I forgive you. Now I am free.”

It may be even the closest people.

Sincerely, consciously forgive them. Cry, but then let it go …

Make room for a new bright life.

If you do this correctly, you immediately feel tiredness and a huge relief. Then take a shower and have a rest.

I assure you that the next day you will begin a new life, a beautiful, happy, and full of wonderful experiences one. And the biggest advantage is that these negative qualities are gone forever.

It will be much easier to live.


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