30 questions to ask yourself before the New Year


New Year’s Eve is time to sum up and make plans. But almost no one does seriously such a self-report. We are too lazy, busy, and so on. In fact, the reason is that it is very difficult to be honest with yourself. This is a hard work. But it should be done to better understand yourselves, to live consciously and calmly.

We offer you to answer honestly, to write down the answers, and not to show them anyone. A year later, read them to figure out how you have changed, what you have achieved and what you haven’t got yet.

  1. The best time of the year was …
  2. What inspired me most this year?
  3. The biggest news of the year.
  4. Hymn of the year.
  5. The most important people in my life.
  6. What was the most difficult to me?
  7. What color was this year?
  8. What event of this year I want to remember forever?
  9. What word I said most often?
  10. My most ridiculous purchase this year.
  11. Perhaps I shouldn’t experiment with …
  12. This year was wonderful, because …
  13. What internal problem I successfully solved?
  14. Whom I hugged at nights?
  15. Whose wedding did I celebrate?
  16. What average salary I had this year?
  17. Did I have a conversation that changed everything in my head?
  18. What new business I started in the 2014?
  19. If I could be a superhero for one day, what would I do?
  20. What is my dream?
  21. I believe that my greatest achievement is…?
  22. Describe this year in one sentence.
  23. The last message I sent.
  24. Find a quote describing this year.
  25. Did I complete everything I planned for this year?
  26. How many new friends I’ve got this year?
  27. Who did I help this year?
  28. Where have I been?
  29. What things did I postpone for next year?
  30. What do I want to achieve in the New Year?


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