What we should quit even before smoking


Everybody constantly talks about the dangers of smoking, okay, it’s all well-known, noone argues that it is necessary to quit it. But in the life of every person there are some things that every day bring him harm. They poison our lives, and we do not even notice how it happens, believing that everything is in order. We go to the gym, eat salads, give up alcohol and smoking, but continue to envy, to conceal the offense and constantly complain about our lives. And maybe it’s time to give it up? Each of us at least once in his life experienced these feelings. It affects the quality of our life. Almost everything we do is aimed at achieving the same – happiness.

But if you’re poisoned by stupid habits, whatever you do, you’ll not achieve happiness. It’s not because of lack of money, friends, a beloved person or favorite activities, but because no matter how excellent your life is, you will still be unsatisfied.

These are 4 toxic habits that prevent you from taking the prize:

  1. 1. Envy

This is a nasty feeling, that doesn’t let you enjoy your success or the success of others. Social Networking is an excellent tool for development of envy.

Sociologists from the University of Utah conducted a survey of 435 students and found that the more people looking at other people’s lives in social, the more they envy. In real life, there is also enough envy that makes us sad about our life.

How to get rid of it

If you at least for one day were another person (who you envy), you would not like it much. Everybody has his own suffering and his rewards.

You cannot compare yourself with anyone; everyone has a special past, his own talents and opportunities, problems and unhappiness. Just do not compare.

  1. Grievance

If we think it over, it turns out that it is a discrepancy between reality and your expectations.

Imagine, for example, that you stumbled on the street, fell, hurt yourself and scattered your food products. Not far from this unfortunate incident was sitting a blind beggar. You do not expect that he will rush to help you, so no offense can be. But if your colleague was standing next to you and just watching as you crawl on the asphalt, collecting scattered oranges, the offense would be serious and would last a lifetime.

How to get rid of it

In order not to get upset, just do not expect anything from people. They do not owe you: they should not have to be polite, pleasant, caring, understanding or friendly. Take it as it is.

Life with no offense will be much easier.

  1. Complaints

It is very easy to be miserable, but to be happy is harder and coller.

Thom Yorke

Complaints become a habit, and if a person always complains, no matter how he runs his life, he still finds what to complain about. He sees his life only from negative side, notices the only problems, and hurries to tell everyone.

There’s no objective assessment of your life, there is only the way you see it. If you see only the negative, it is so.

  1. Blame

We are so happy to blame others, personally and collectively. Everybody gossips regardless of gender and age.

You cannot blame other people not using the same evaluation criteria to yourself.

So blame has two sides. One of them – the blaming others, and the second – blaming yourself.

How to get rid of it

In this world, everyone has the right to make mistakes, and we all are so different that there can’t be objective evaluation of actions. You have never been in the shoes of another person; you don’t know how he lives, how he lived before, what thoughts were in his head. It’s like to comment blindly a football match, basing only on the cries of the crowd.

As for blaming yourself – a person that you know very well, just remember that it leads to anything. Never.

All bad habits

I saw a long time ago a practice, it was very popular in the internet for some time. The “purple bracelet,” it just offers a time to get rid of all the toxic thoughts.

This practice suggested in 2006 a priest Will Bowen. The bottom line is that we must put on hand purple bracelet and live 21day without complaints, criticism of others and ourselves, gossip and so on. You can think, but not to voice it. If a person fails, he wears the bracelet on the other arm and 21 days start again.

When I heard about this practice, I decided to try it. It seems that it is very easy, because I do not like to complain, I prefer not to gossip.

It turned out that it’s incredibly difficult. The very next day I dressed the bracelet at work, expressing my discontent for some reason. Then again and again. I had to change hands 2-3 times a day.

You can make yourself a bracelet that you will change from one hand to another.

The main thing here is to get rid finally from poisonous thoughts.

If you have your own ideas on how to wean yourself from bad habits, complaints, criticism and other things, please share in the comments.



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