Why we should carefully get a job before Christmas

Почему стоит аккуратно устраиваться на работу перед Новым годом

This important reminder for applicants tells about the main pitfalls of Christmas vacancies.

Every year is the same. Two weeks before the New Year they open new vacancies marked “urgently”. And after the New Year they are closed. Not because they found a worker, but because vacancies were not needed.

Why is this happening?

Companies approve the provisional budgets, distribute income and expenses for the next year, discuss the strategy of the board of directors, who is to be fired and what to develop, and then immediately rush to the headhunters. That’s why in the last weeks before the New Year they open top vacancies.

Why the most of them will never become a reality?

The shareholders and the owners after having a rest on Christmas, return to the office, forgetting about everything. On the question “What do we do with the vacancy?” – A typical response would be: “What vacancy? What do you mean, I never ordered any vacancy and who are you? “.

How to distinguish such vacancies?

Any top vacancy opened two weeks before the New Year, is not alive. If it is not the result of hysteria of the annual Board of Directors, it will still be opened after the Christmas holidays. If it is, it dies in a week.

That is you may apply for such jobs, opened from today, but you need to understand: the likelihood that the vacancy will be available after the Christmas is 50%. And the fact that all the interviews that you passed in a “corporate Week” will be forgotten after the Christmas and you’ll have to meet HR again is for 90%. That’s up to you.

Which vacancies it doesn’t apply on?

The vacancies where the main principle is “urgently” and where they look not for the best, but for the first appropriate. That is, if they look for a Seller on December 25 it’s a true story. If they look for the head of the sales department it’s not a true story.

For job seekers

Read about vacancies, choose the best, add them to “Favorites” and immediately after the Christmas holidays look whether they are available. If they are – immediately apply for the job.

Happy New Year and Marry Christmas !


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