How to arrange with any person on your own terms

I am sure that you negotiated with other people not once. Sometimes you succeed, but sometimes you have to meet someone else’s needs. Most often win or lose depends on you and on your behavior. We will talk about some tips that will help you win more often in negotiations.


When I put my mind on this topic, I immediately remember my attempts to bargain with the teachers at the University for good marks. It’s like walking on a minefield: One wrong phrase, and you have no chance. Having thought  about it and having searched for other people’s opinions on the internet, I have identified a few tips that have helped me and will help you successfully arrange with other people.

Offer several options

When you insist on your own, imagine another person, which the same as you, defends his or her point of view. Do not attempt to defeat him, offering only one option. Instead, offer several ones. Why? Giving him a number of options to choose (each of which is beneficial to you), you will create the illusion of choice, and your companion will easily support you.

At the same time you should not overdo it. Offering 10 options to choose from, you destroy yourself. We like simple things and it is easier for a person to make a choice if he has two or three options, not ten.

Unnecessary bluff

It will be easier for you to convince a person that you are right, if you really believe in what you say. This means do not bluff. You may be lucky, and your partner may not notice the deception, but if all runs not to plan and you are cought in deception, there won’t be the way back.

If you believe in your rightness, it will be much easier to convince other people.

You can not win alone

Outcome of the situation should be a positive for both parties. Imagine yourself in the place of the other person and think you would agree to what you propose? If not, it is unlikely that you should expect the same from him. You need a winning situation that would satisfy both sides, and not only one.

Another tip that I can’t recommend – pretend that the outcome is beneficial not only for you. Frankly speaking, deceive the partner. Are you ready to go for it? Then you have one additional ace in the hole.

Forget about emotions

People with emotions in negotiations are doomed to failure. Although the situation can be viewed from several sides. If you’re talking about your position with admiration and with fire in your eyes, then it can work.

If you shout at your companion, laugh at his position or try to insult him, even covertly – you’ve already lost.

Ask for a little more than you need

This is a fairly simple trick, and you probably know about it. If you want to sell a product for $ 100, ask $ 110 for it. When a customer wants to reduce the price, he just voices the price you need.

I am sure that you have been in such a situation where you managed to agree with the other person on your own terms more than once. Tell us about your experience!


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