WHY do we get bored even with favorite work?

An excellent article about what to do if there is no desire to do the work that you have now and how to start to grow at full capacity and never  to stop!


A curious phenomenon: the fact that even in the most pleasant work there’s corrosive routine is understandable only to those who have a favorite work.

A person looking for a new job with the hope that it will help to overcome the daily routine will never be satisfied. His or her mind is not ready to accept the reality: favorite work is not an eternal carnival for body and soul. It can also annoy, cause boredom or doubts. Even the most pleasant job sometimes wants you to ask yourself “Am I doing the right thing?”

Why does it happen? What to do in such situations?

A person who is looking for a work to keep the feeling of joy – initially puts himself in a dead end and is doomed to eternal search. A work to somebody’s taste and a work which would create good mood every day is not the same thing.

Happiness itself and its consequences in the form of internal cheerfulness and courage don’t refer to the work (which can be easily changed throughout life), but to the way you do it.

We are really happy when we grow up and what exactly provides us with this growth is another question.

In childhood and early youth we feel so easy to go and restore our mood thanks to the natural growth of both body and mind: we are expanding our internal capacity on a regular basis, trying something new, absorbing the knowledge and regularly going out from the comfort zone.

When we get already adult, our growth and progress depend on personal awareness and choice. This is our innate freedom. We are free to raise ourselves and are also free to bury our abilities alive, giving up growth.

In the age of 15 years, we can’t stop developing, the nature makes it so. In the age of 25 years we have a choice: to keep developing with some effort or to start the countdown, because when there is no power, joy and desire the old age may come sooner than people think.

So why even the favorite thing can be boring?

It’s not our work to make us happy, but the process of personal development that we get from our work.

Conclusion: as soon as you stop growing and developing at what you are doing, there will be chronic boredom, self-sabotage and dissatisfaction.

Why is it so? Did you really choose a wrong thing? But, you liked it before. What’s happened?

At first, doing any new work, especially if it carries us, we always learn, do something to understand the issue. But as soon as we understand everything we become good at this work and we need a new growth. We continue to do the same thing and we get bored (of course! Try to be a first grader for all your life) – and this is the signal of energy stagnation.

The same growth, which is responsible for the taste of life, stops. We’ve achieved what dreamed about – the chosen work is going good and brings results, but at this moment it becomes dramatically uninteresting. And at this point we’re pretty sick and tired of traveling, brands and other forms of social realization, understanding that they don’t bring joy anymore. It becomes scary … What the hell is going on?

It is the natural need for growth. There is nothing to fear.

What to do if there’s crisis in your relationship with the work?

If you do not want to do your work, it always means only one thing: you don’t develop in it and you don’t implement your potential to the fullest.

There are some ways out of this situation:

  1. Change your activity

Change the type of your activity. Find another job, another sphere, a new direction. This is quite a decent option if you clearly understand yourself and 1) your goose is cooked in this field 2) you are uninterested in it.

Changing the direction of your activities, it is important to understand that in any new business it will be the same from the beginning: the first stage of rapid natural growth – middle formation – access to the skills and endless self-improvement with the efforts and personal growth.

And if you want to stay at some stage and “not to go anywhere else”, everything will repeat: boredom, unbearable routine, apathy, and lack of interest … Deja Vu.

Choose a work, at which you can always grow personally and deal with it.

  1. Come to new horizons in your activities – grow at full capacity and never stop

Change of activity can serve as a wonderful life shake. Very often, a reboot is necessary in the working process.

If you generally like the direction that you’re going, you do you work well. So grows your business, your professionalism and you grow as a person.

All this may be achieved by a huge internal progress. A natural consequence of this process is stable satisfaction in business and pleasure.

In fact, if you do not decide to do more in this life, you’ll never do.

The initial level in any professional issue is shallow water and it can hardly satisfy you. That is, even the most interesting thing without proper development will bore you quickly and will not bring the former joy.

Frequent switching from one direction to another, searching for the best work, may even be useful for your self-formation as a person. But it does not essentially change you as you don’t go farther the initial level. That’s why it is useful at some point (if not immediately) to choose a work to your taste and not be afraid to realize your potential at it.


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