13 signs showing that you are an introvert, even if you don’t know about it

Many people consider introverts as shy, closed people who seek by all means to stay inside their own world. However, it is not quite complete and accurate conception. A person may be fairly relaxed and show no signs of shyness, but steel be an introvert.


  1. You aren’t glad to get acquainted with new people

This does not mean that you cannot be friends or have problems in communication. Just some people have a constant desire to expand their circle of contacts, able to easily and quickly converge with people. But not you.

  1. You know how to speak well, but do not participate in discussions

If a person is an introvert, this does not mean that he cannot put two words together, or does not know how to speak in public. Quite the reverse! But after a brilliant performance, report or lecture you are not willing to answer questions or participate in debates.

  1. You’ve got friends-extroverts

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

However, opposites attract, so it is natural that you may have too sociable friends. But you keep them at a distance and allow them to approach just to once again enjoy your loneliness.

  1. You don’t like big crowds

Concerts, parties, meetings, crowds on the streets make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. You don’t panic, but every time you get a subconscious desire to quickly leave this troubled place.

  1. You do not like interviews

Any event requires the ability to quickly establish psychological contacts with new people that introverts are not too fond of. Therefore, they always prefer the written replies and correspondence interview to personal contacts.

  1. You are a good friend

Introverts are usually very loyal and honest people. They are usually self-sufficient individuals who appreciate friendship for the relationship, not for the benefits that it can bring.

  1. Sometimes you just don’t do anything

Extroverts are always busy with something, always in the process. They may be bored with themself, and they seek to fill this emptiness with any action. Introverts, in contrast, are able to enjoy their own company and to find pleasure alone.

  1. You prefer letter to calls

Your cell phone rings not too often, because all your friends and colleagues have already realized that you’d better send text messages or e-mails. You don’t understand how and why problems may be solved by the phone, if you have Gmail.

  1. You become friends (for) a long time

If you are an introvert, this does not mean that you have no friends. You have friends, but they are of a very special quality. These are really time-tested people who appeared in your life not accidentally.

10. You are polite

Rich inner world and vulnerability make introverts pay more attention to the feelings of others. From their own experience they know how smashing can be a careless gesture or a word. They give a great importance to manners, etiquette and traditions.

  11.You try to plan in advance

Extroverts are quite capable to rush tomorrow to travel around the world, and to establish a new company spontaneously the next day. You do not have a smaller number of interesting ideas, but before you start to implement them, you prefer to plan everything well. In writing, of course.

12. You feel older than your peers

Calmness, rationality, consistency and good manners are characteristic of you, even at a young age, and it always makes you different from most of your peers. Sometimes you look down on them, being surprised by spontaneity and rashness of their actions.

13. You are able to keep the balance between communication and solitude

Although being alone you feel absolutely no discomfort, you understand the need for socialization. So you consciously try, when you consider it necessary, to go to the parties and social events. In this case, you don’t try to force yourself to pretend to be a life and soul of the company. Even in a noisy crowded place you stay actually who you are, and get pleasure from it.

Because you’re  an introvert.


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