5 main factors of sex appeal

Some main factors of sex appeal proved by science, that every woman should know.


As the scientists say, long legs and a magnificent bust are secondary signs of attraction. In their opinion, not the details have the greatest impact on men, but a certain behavior.

1. Silhouette is the cornerstone

Professor D.Singh from the University of Texas states that the silhouette attracts men first of all. According to the scientist, the waist is the sexiest. He came to this conclusion after analyzing the world literature of the past centuries. Various authors of more than three hundred thousand works convinced him that this part of the body makes the hearts of men beat faster from age to age. Not breasts, thighs or buttocks. In fact, a man sees only the seductive forms, but the other details, he doesn’t notice.

Singh’s British colleagues in their studies give a hope to the ladies deprived of ideal figure. They advise to make eyes. Women who look straight into the eyes of men stimulate in their brains the same areas of pleasure as the curvy figure does. This area is responsible for feelings of joy and pleasure. Experiments on the volunteers proved it. Men of all ages and social status looked at the pictures of women, giving them marks for their beauty. It was found that the men were really excited when the person in the portrait looked right into eyes, creating the illusion of contact.

 2. The smooth movement of the hips

Scientists from the New York University claim that even the women with not the slimmest waists may enhance the striking effect on men, if they make a smooth movement of the hips while walking. To prove his theory, they asked independent experts to evaluate women walking on the street in terms of sexuality. Those who wiggled intensively their hips got the highest estimation. More attractive women with a relaxed straight walk caused no particular emotion in discussions of men. So, if you want to please men, wiggle your hips!

3. Smile and laugh

Magical properties of a smile are already known. But it turns out, that our perception is affected not by the smile, as such, but by the quantity of the received attention. British scientists conducted a large-scale study among students by showing them pictures of smiling women of all kinds. The results showed that the women in the photos to which the men smiled in response were considered the most sexually attractive.


Allan Flight from the Stanford University in California has published a report on how laughter affects the positive image of a person. His theory shows the formula: a woman can be seduced by wit, a man – by laughing at his jokes. Men prefer women who consider them to be witty.

4. The proportion of hips and waist – that’s what that draws attention of a man in the first place

The buttocks is a part of the body, in contrast to which the waist looks thin and attractive and, unlike the other parts, remains the only one that can be changed for better not surgically, but naturally.


Dr. Bramble from the University of Utah remembers our ancestors-monkeys whose gluteus are completely undeveloped and have quite unattractive form. In order to give the fanny seductive roundness, we should run, walk, swim and exercise. As the pelvis and the inherent muscle are developed, the waist looks thinner.

5. The fair sex is a sweet drug for men

According to researches of a scientist Allan Reiss from California, sex appeal excites the same area of the brain, which is also responsible for our addictions to alcohol and to gambling. It turns out, that the fair sex affects men like a drug. The look, walk, and the smile make a man fascinated.


Dr. Reis explains the effectiveness of this process by a special neural network, formed in the faraway past. In other words, the brain “knows” how to perceive the beauty and react to it. Such an instantaneous reaction helped our ancestors to contact, to find friends, was a health and fertility indicator, and solved the problem of choice. In modern man sex appeal of  a woman works on a subconscious level, awakening instincts. A man may not know that thin waist means a higher content in the body of the female sex hormone “estrogen” that reduces the thickness of body fat, gives the silhouette a beautiful shape, makes the face good looking and sexy. A man may not know this, but he will react.


If you want to have all the men’s attention, laugh often, look into men’s eyes and wiggle your buttocks while walking.


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