How to See the World Without Leaving Home: Access to Thousands of Webcams on Lookr

Now, we can see the sunset in Alaska or Northern Lights in Finland without leaving home. On the Internet, the Lookr service is launched, which gives a user access to thousands of webcams around the world. You can see what’s new in Ukraine, or enjoy a panoramic view of Paris from the heights of the Eiffel Tower. You can explore the unknown places on the planet, using the map, which has all available webcams.


Down in the map a user can see interesting places depending on the region in which he is interested. You can switch the cameras directly on the map. As you zoom in, you can use a new webcam.


Clicking on a certain camera you are redirected to the page with the player. On default, in the time-lapse mode for 24 seconds they show what was happening in the field of view in the last 24 hours. You can change the viewing mode for the last 30 days and see all in a 30 seconds period. Down on the page you can view the weather forecast for the region, and on the side there’s a service that offers views from other nearest  webcams.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Lookr may be useful not only for tourists who are looking for new tourist routes. You can also get to know the latest situation in a particular region. For example, the center of Donetsk is quiet. However, there are only three working cameras – and they all are located on the perimeter of the Donbas Arena.


Lookr is provides with webcams by the service, which has 47749 cameras worldwide, 27 659 of  which are currently active. Users can add to the map their own webcams, and their number is not limited. Lookr is completely free and is supported by advertising.

We would remind you that you can also see the world without leaving your home, using Google Street View. Although, there are only pictures and panorama photos, but some of them are truly unforgettable and breathtaking!


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