Drop Everything or Tired of Living People


Last year, our neighbor holding a very good position quitted her job, leased her luxurious apartment for a successful young family and went to live in the cottage. Forever.

There remained 15-20 years  to retirement.

Everybody was perplexed and surprised. Quitted her job? Her apartment? A wooden shack with lilac at the window overlooking the swamp instead of the apartment? This is not normal. Yes, everyone dreams to achieve such a success!

And she is absolutely happy.

And the rest of her life she is going to spend on a small wooden terrace, reading books, planting a vegetable garden on one square meter and preparing soup for children.

Of course, I exaggerate a little.

She is steel writing something, giving lectures. She is doing something and earns a little. But it is so small and insignificant comparing to her past life that even is not worth mentioning.

Every year, there are more and more people doing so.

Of course, not all drop everything and go into the wilderness. But they change their life significantly. For example, doctors go into free photographers, accountants become journalists.

Please note: why every year freelancers become more and more? Yes, in this age of the Internet and of high technology there’s no need to be tied to specific jobs and rigid schedule from nine to six. But there is other side.

There are tired of life people.

They try to impose us success too hard. The success. You can give a clear definition of this word?

Since our childhood we are loaded maximally. Endless duties. Early awakenings. Oatmeal porridge. Quiet hour. Sit quietly. Circles. School. Early awakenings. Lessons. Homework. Exams. Again exams. Institute. Early awakenings. Lectures. Exams. Work. Early awakenings. Meetings. Reports. Planning meetings. Rush.

You’ll get enough sleep being retired. Score success first.

Get rich or die trying. Be successful. “Effective people.” Have you heard? Do not be lazy, don’t be ill, finished your work – die. Excellent worker. The dream of every manager. Doesn’t catch a cold, doesn’t get tired, and doesn’t go on vacation and on the children’s matinees, works overtime and on weekends. He wants to be highly effective and successful. It’s necessary. Is this exactly what you want?

Throughout the years of studying they desperately frightened us and threatened. Study or you’ll become nobody. Study or you’ll be a yardman. Study.

The standard set: two diplomas. Successful marriage. Prestigious job. Apartment and a car. Vacations on a sea a couple of times per year. Wedding anniversary in Paris. Children at a prestigious school. Twenty pairs of  boots, thirty bags. Per season. As all the people have. Is it exactly what you want?

Someone once decided that it is what is called success. Are you sure that this is how it is measured? Do we need it at all? The success. In fact, it is one of the biggest swindles of our lives.

All this does not matter.

People for whom the peace of mind is on the first place usually understand this very simple truth. Not to prove anything to anyone. Live, not survive.10930010-R3L8T8D-650-55

There are people who run, run, then dropped it and realized that can do it no longer. Especially it concerns a new generation of young people who already in the age of twenty had to hold the major leadership positions, bearing disproportionate burden of care and responsibility. They have seen a lot, did a lot and want nothing but peace. It’s a sort of early retirement.

Then they suddenly begin to see life in a different light. Most often this occurs after a severe fatigue and stress. Lying in the hospital, you can understand much.

Tired people gradually change everything and change themselves. They learn to live again, fully adjusting the circumstances in accordance to them, their needs, desires and biological clock. They control their lives. They paint in watercolor and read a lot. Cook soup and pies. Walk in the park and play with children the ball. Just breathe air. They understand that one bag is enough.

Learn to live today and now, feel every minute.

That is why there are conceptions of downshifting, of the societies fighting against excessive consumption and freelancing and wintering in Indian huts have become so popular.



Now it seems that it’s not too bad waving a broom outdoors.

Anyway, this work seems to me more attractive than editorial positions in the monthly journal of more than a hundred pages. When there is no time to eat and drink a cup of coffee. When at ten o’clock p.m. you suddenly remember that on lunch you would like to go to the toilet. When at eleven o’clock the advertiser calls and asks urgently to change the layout. And at nine in the morning the magazine should already be in the printing … And you do not call a taxi but go a couple of blocks on foot to recover. And you think that it is necessary to add an article to the morning paper. And there’s hungry child and his unfinished work at home. And again the same cycle in the morning. How? Nobody cares. Do it on the weekend.

There are people who really get pleasure from it all. Until the end of life they don’t get tired of the crazy rhythm. And at the same time they can feel the life in all its manifestations. We cannot all be super successful. Not all hold prestigious positions and manage companies. Someone has to sweep fallen leaves.

Tired of life and people, chasing success, will never understand each other. But if you feel that you can do it no longer, do not be afraid to change everything. It is not necessary to take life too seriously. It is too short for this.


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