Don’t go to university or Why did I drop my studies

University is no longer a safe way to organize your life. The good news is that there is a better way.


“Did you quit? Why?!”- I hear these questions every time I try to answer the question about why I’m not at university. “You quitted because something bad had happened, hadn’t it? Or not?”

I try not to answer this question anymore, as my quitting doesn’t cause another reaction except this one. It seems like everyone’s duty is to tell me that I made a mistake. Later I realized that it makes no sense to be ashamed of my decision, especially if it’s100% correct.

So I want to tell you why a university in its present condition is not what you, me and your children need.

We want to be like everyone else. Remember the children who were wearing glasses or were trying to learn well at school. They weren’t accepted in the company of “cool”, or even worse – the main goal of this company was to make their life miserable. But, of course, somebody would say “They are children, they do not understand.” Well, yes, they do not understand.

Since our childhood we want to be the same as the others. And what do the “all others” do after school? They try to apply into a university. Preferably to win a scholarship. If they succeed, the main goal is reached; if not, the parents have to spend thousands of dollars on their education.

It’s the beginning of the best time in a person’s life – studentship. But no one means that it’s also the process of studying. It’s the time when they drink (a lot), communicate with the opposite sex, and sometimes attend classes, at least half of them. Having read this paragraph again, I realized that it sounds not so bad.

And it’s enough for most of them. They forget about how much time and money are spent on studies, which bring no benefit. I think this is the biggest investment of parents to their children. Did they all get profit from it? I don’t think so.

How many courses they could visit for this money? The courses of real professionals who dedicated their lives to work, who love what they do and are willing to share useful knowledge. How many books could be bought? You know the answer.

Studies at University are no longer a guarantee for professional success in the future.

One of the reasons for this is the motivation. When we do what we like, we are guided by our own motivation. That is, we enjoy the process. Money, promotion or praise take the second place. After all, you see that it’s much more pleasant to do the work and to enjoy it not only for the salary but also for the process itself.

Unfortunately, the university goes a completely different way. Study means boredom, monotony and lack of interest, and all this is for a figure in a paper register. And if these ephemeral figures are good, then five years later you can get an ephemeral red plastic document. This is worth living.

This is like you drink cola for a long time and forget that you can quench your thirst with water. Or when you always use a car and forget that you can walk. The same thing is University. We forget that the process of studying as well as of work can be enjoyable.

A friend of mine also quitted the university. Four years of study at the university made him understand that he wanted something else. In his case, it was design. He passed six months of intensive self-study, several unsuccessful attempts to get a job, and he still runs a web designer. This is not the company of his dreams, but definitely one of the steps on the road to it. This example is very inspiring.

Self-education does not mean you should seat alone in a room and not contact with other people. Seminars, conferences and people with similar interests – you have a huge number of possibilities to communicate with interesting people and to learn. If you study not for awards in the future, but simply because you like it, you get more pleasure.

I can say what I dislike in University in one sentence:

There is no passion in studies at university.

Furthermore, if you come there with your passion, they will probably take it from you. Universities in their current state kill any desire to study. It also concerns the medicine. The Medical school in my town has earned the reputation of the most bribes-accepting one. Think about it, when you visit a young doctor.

Isn’t it more logical to choose interesting subjects? But no, financiers need to study philosophy, medics – economics, and architects – chemistry. Widen the outlook – is it called so? I do not want to expand my horizons by useless knowledge, multiplied by the subjectivity of the teacher.

Studying on your own, you can choose your own way. Want to study Spanish? You may create a program that would include watching Spanish movies with subtitles, reading Spanish books, learning new words from articles on the Internet and use Duolingo. It’s much better than sitting every day with a dull textbook which causes nausea.

With the advent of such services as Coursera, it becomes clear that the current education system needs changes. Self-education gives an opportunity to feel what you teach, what is helpful and useful in real life. Maybe you’ll not always go forward, sometimes you’ll have to change something radically, but it’s still better.

Getting a university diploma is no longer safe and interesting way of life organization. Do not try to be like the others, be a especial one and be sure that university is not the only way. There are options.


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