26 Wise Conclusions About the Life of Ordinary People

Do you want to know what the same people, like you and me say about their lives? Or maybe you want to share your thoughts and observations? Then this article is for you.



We have got accustomed that famous writers, scientists, politicians or great artists express their wise thoughts. However, all people have the right to do their own discoveries, regardless of their status and social position. Sometimes in a simple person’s head there is far more wisdom than a dozen successful business leaders and stars have. We all live approximately the same life, but on different levels. And we do the same discoverings. To prove it once again, a writer and a journalist Brianna Wiest asked some ordinary people to share their life’s greatest discoveries. And that’s what she heard.

  1. I can not change the world but I can change my attitude to it.
  2. I don’t owe anybody an apology for disagreeing with them.
  3. You can have everything you want, just not at the same time, and if you think that’s unfortunate, consider that if you had everything at once, you wouldn’t really experience or enjoy it completely.
  4. You can choose your family. You can choose your religion. You can choose who you are every day and it doesn’t have to be the same person you were yesterday. You do not have to become only what other people are comfortable with, or can understand.
  5. Everything I perceive is a projection of who I am. If I want to change my life, I change myself.
  6. Freedom is a state of mind.
  7. There is nothing you can have forever, but there are many things you’ll miss experiencing if you’re too busy trying to keep them rather than love them while you have them
  8. There are so many kinds of love worth pursuing, other than romantic love. There are so many experiences to have, other than just happiness. Anything other than ideal is not failure. It’s life.
  9. You don’t remember years, you remember moments.
  10. I’m not supposed to be anything other than what I am.
  11. Nobody cries at a funeral because the world will be missing out on another pretty face. They cry because the world is missing another heart, another soul, another person.
  12. People do not love you based on a flowchart on which they compare you to other people. People who are the prettiest and thinnest and best-off financially are not the most loved.
  13. The way to get through anything is to embrace the fact that whatever comes, comes with reason, whatever stays, stays with reason, whatever hurts, hurts with reason. Ignoring or fighting the effect will not fix the cause
  14. There is no grand moment in life. You may wake up and not even remember the yesterday’s win. But the simple details may bring you lots of joy for years.
  15. There is always the possibility to finding a new job, to move to the city of dreams, to find love. The main thing is not to reject these possibilities when you have them.
  16. The worst things that happen to us teach and protect us from real problems.
  17. You really lose only when you give up trying.
  18. Don’t take your lives way too seriously…At least while you’re still alive.
  19. I cannot change those around me. Real change happens one by one, each person doing the only thing they can: seeing where they can stand to improve as opposed to pointing fingers at the injustices they see in others
  20. Wisdom is knowing that you don’t and will never really know anything. We used to believe the Earth was flat. But, who can say in what we will belive tomorrow?
  21. Even if you abandon faith, hope and love, they don’t leave you.
  22. When you step into a library, all the knowledge in the world is before you. When you wake up each day, all the possibility in the world is too. You choose whether or not you just see books. You choose whether or not you just see another day.
  23. There is immeasurable joy in the small things. In a great book, fresh vegetables, a warm bed, the arms of someone you love. These things are rarely valued.
  24. If we were pessimists: in a few hundred years, most people will be completely forgotten about. Do what you want and no one will denounce your actions. Why don’t we do what we most genuinely want?
  25. I do not have to be what other people see me as. I do not have to assume they know best.
  26. We want to have everything. The freedom is when you can abandon the desire to have something.

And what conclusions did you make from these life observations? Will you share?


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