West vs. East

17 differences of Europe from Asia in simple and clear illustrations of a Chinese artist.

Even the photos and videos shot in Asian countries, make it clear that the people there are not like people from the west. It’s very noisy in cafes and restaurants, there are chaotic crowds instead of queues, but instead of soda they drink tea.

Yang Liu, an artist lived in China for 14 years and then moved to Germany. She does know the differences between Eastern traditions of the Western ones. Being a kind of creative, she created a series of minimalist illustrations, which has demonstrated these differences.

The pictures turned out so informative and concise, that may be more useful than any thick manuals for preparation for a trip to the East. The left blue squares show the behavior of  a Western man in a given situation, in the right red squares – eastern one.

Freedom of expression
Behavior in a queue

The noise level in cafes and restaurants

Behavior during a trip

Preferences in drinks

Behavior at a party

Relationship with supervisor

Personal ego

Popularity of transport

Popular dishes

Approach to problem solving

Attitude to old relatives


The position of the child in the family


Attitude to weather


Social communications


Three meals a day





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