How to live in eight square meters: 3 mini-apartments, which will surprise you

Eight square meters – is it enough for a comfortable stay? Do not rush to say “no” before viewing  these three amazing ideas, which are a mini-apartment, an unusual chill out room and “garage” of dreams!


Reproduction and urbanization – the main trends of the humanity in the foreseeable future. According to the calculations of the UN Population Commission the world population by the 2050 will be 9.6 billion and now there are 7.2 billion of us. And a little more previsions: by the middle of the century urban share of the world’s population will reach 70%, and in some countries already in the next year it will be close to the maximum. It turns out that the builders, designers and related institutions will earn a lot work a lot in the coming decades and ordinary residents of big cities will not live to see the time when the cost of housing will be reduced due to the ever-increasing demand.

But it is not as bad as it might seem. The emergence of new building materials and techniques and ergonomy gives everybody a hope for a cozy corner.

A tiny flat

Perhaps let’s start with the record breaker. This apartment in Paris occupies only 8 square meters and is one of the smallest houses of the city. But there is everything you need: a bed, a workplace, a kitchenette and shower room. The idea of the design is made by the Kitoko Studio and you can see it in the demo.

But computer rendering  is only a vision of the creators, which often is not destined to become a reality. But not at this time. The idea was embodied. Let’s  have a look.

People with claustrophobia will obviously not like it, but I think this one is great. The place for sleep is protected from falling, and may be obscured. There is a bathroom as well. And utility bill makes us so glad! But you can still find a drawback: there’s no carpet. 🙁

An unusual flophouse

The next apartment is more spacious – 27 square meters. But it’s designed so that here can stay two or more people. The homeowners asked the architects from Barcelona Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores to design a room for temporary stay, where one can stop for a short period, but with necessary facilities.

The Spanish designers took two sets of furniture, each of which has different functions. The first is responsible for food preparation and storage of small household stuff, and the other works as a big wardrobe. The only thing they have in common – a folding bed. Lovers of minimalism may love it. It would be good, if such cells were made for beavers and squirrels at zoos!

A unique “garage”

This is a real dream! Every man should have a “den” where he may indulge in pleasures of the flash stay alone and reflect on the sense of life. As a tradition since ancient times such a place is the garage. But let’s not think stereotypically. No, my friends, you’ll see a brilliant transformation of a dump of iron to a penthouse. Watch this full video and you will not regret: it’s awesome!

And who has created such a miracle? Two French artists. A photographer Jérémie Buchholtz liked the old garage somewhere in Bordeaux. With the support of his fellow architect Matthieu de Marien Jeremy got down to business. You’ve already seen the 41m2- results. An impressive piece of furniture should be mentioned here, as it’s in the same time the workplace, facilities, wardrobe and a couple of beds, one of which looks like a bird’s nest. Now you know where to bill and coo!

And what do you think about the presented ideas and apartments?


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