How a night owl can wake up in the morning without problems

How to wake up in the morning is a vital question for many of us.  In this article the author, decided to share with readers her experience of turning from a night owl into an early bird. Read and discuss. ↓



Many people justify their nocturnal lifestyle with some mythical properties of their organisms. I am a night owl, and my body is created so that I cannot get up early, but at night I’m very energetic. Have you ever wondered why, for example, in the army there are neither owls nor early birds? Because there is rigorous discipline! That’s why in the army all the people are people and not birds.

Keeping wake early in the morning or in the afternoon it’s just habit strength. This is the habit what makes us doing something and think it is our desire. I felt it for the first time when I gave up adding sugar to tea. The favorite sweet drink suddenly became completely tasteless. A month after the start of his experiment, I decided to add sugar to tea and I was surprised to find that this drink was no longer good to me.

If you went to bed lately, getting up early is out of question. It’s a vicious circle.

This applies to sleep as well. First I got up at 8 am. When my working day depended only on me, I was happy. I could sleep up to 10. Then, slowly my working day started at 11, then at 12 o’clock. And so I began to get up at 3:00. The later I got up, the harder it was to go to sleep early, so each time the bedtime was postponed. If you went to bed lately, getting up early is out of question. It’s a vicious circle. That’s how people and turn into night owls.

Once I received an offer to host a morning show. That meant I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning. Of course I could not refuse such a tempting offer. I had two months for changing my regime. Each day I tried to get up a little earlier than in the previous one. Firstly it was difficult – every morning I was about to abandon the idea. But the motivation was very high.

How did I manage to get up early and be fresh in the morning?

The first rule: go to bed early to get up early.

Oh, what a difficult task! Sometimes it is even harder than to get up. Do not wait until you feel sleepy. Go to bed at the same time.

At first it will be difficult to fall asleep. Use some tricks.

  • It is necessary to turn off the lights and all electrical appliances. Darkness will give a signal to produce the hormone that causes drowsiness. If you spent a long time watching TV or sitting at the computer before going to bed, it may postpone the secretion of hormones for a while. So avoid these activities before your bedtime.
  • Add to your bedroom aroma of essential oils. Many people advise to use lavender, but I do not like this smell. I add to water bergamot oil or geranium and spread the fragrance to bedroom with a nebulizer.
  • Do not eat before bedtime. Your body will try to digest the food, and it will complicate the process of falling asleep.

The second rule: the first 5 minutes after waking up are very important, so make them comfortable for you.

1st minute. Immediately after you opened your eyes, think about your beloved and the places where you were incredibly happy. Pleasant memories will set the right mood. A friend of mine loves imagining her future car in the morning, and the day goes perfectly.

2nd minute. Stretch yourself – it will awaken your body. Take a few deep breaths – it will saturate it with oxygen.

3rd minute. Massage your neck, temples, eyebrows and earlobes. This will provide the head with a rush of blood.

4th minute. Rub the palms. This will improve blood circulation. Rub your body.

5th minute. Get up slowly. Sit on the bed and drink a glass of water. I pour it in the evening and leave it on the nightstand beside the bed.

The third rule: bright colors and sprightly scents have to be your constant companions every morning.

Hang bright curtains in the kitchen, buy colorful dishes. I made and hanged a pomander in my kitchen. This scented ball fills the room with fragrance. The simplest pomander very suitable for a morning wakening is made from citrus. Take an orange, a tangerine or a lemon, puncture it with a sharp stick and rub with cinnamon powder. Stick into holes clove seeds. The ready “device” put in a warm place for 1.5-2 weeks. After this time, tie a cute ribbon bow and hang it in the kitchen. It will produce a pleasant odor about six months.

And before you decide to start getting up earlier, decide for yourself why you need it. We’ve already talked about the power of motivation. But if the motivation is not enough, add to your armory alarm-shredders. Put inside a few hundred dollars, and if you do not get up in the morning at the appointed time, the alarm shreds bills into small pieces.


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