18 unexpected things that happen to runners

Running it’s not only a way to get your weight down. Running it’s almost a new life.


Running has a doubtless positive impact on health, so many people start to go in for jogging to reduce weight, strengthen the cardiovascular system, train the body. However, only physical effect is not enough, and gradually running changes your lifestyle. In this article we will talk about which unexpected consequences brings jogging.

  1. You will start understanding the anatomy and physiology of the human body.
  2. You will get the benefit of eutrophy. Once you see how difficult it is training after parties and holidays, you’ll love fruits, vegetables and oatmeal.
  3. In any conversation you’ll find a reason to boast of your records.
  4. Your beloved will also love running, too. No options.
  5. Your body will start to change. Your will lose a bit of fat, and the legs will become more muscley. These changes will happen gradually, but quite clearly, so that those friends who have not seen you for a long time, will be surprised meeting you.

6. You will stop being amused that there are people who are willing to pay thousands dollars for flight to another country, to attach on the chest a piece of paper with a number and to run tens of kilometers in the company of fellow-thinkers

7. You will try to engage into running your friends. And you will understand what a hopless idea it is.

8. That’s why, you will make new friends. Intimate conversations with them about new sneakers and technique of foot position will make you practically family.

9. You will learn from your own experience that a kilometer has a different length. One kilometer in te end of the distance has two or three normal ones.

10. Trainings will bring you a real pleasure. Endorphins are available without age restrictions.

11.The word “injury” will appear in your lexicon. And the words “workout”, “stretching” and perhaps even “yoga” will too.

12. Weather forecast will gain additional importance for you.

13. You will get sports technologies. Comparison of moisture permeability of fabrics, techniques of processing of stitches and of the sole surface will captivate you not for one evening.

14. Your attitude to sportswear will change. Now it will take a proper place and will be used for its primarily intended purpose. That is, for sport, and not to go to a store or for awalk.

15. Gradually, your main goal will go to the background. Even if you will lose your weight, become healthier and younger, you will not be able to give up running.

16. You will finally have time to listen new music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

17. Often you will be called crazy. In fact, it means that you are on the right way.

18. Sometimes, at the end of the distance you will promise to yourself that nomore trainings ever. The next day after the finish you’ll agree on a new start.

And what unexpected events associated with running happened to you?


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