Why you shouldn’t work at big companies

The text below was composted on the basis of the people that worked for a long time in offices, but changed the comfort of open-space and free coffee for enterprise and well-balanced life. So, Why you shouldn’t work in big companies?


You’ll never get the satisfying career progress. You should think about how many managerial classes are over you to understand that it will serve you too many forces for indigenous resistance in the company. Joking you will survive, but working – hardly.

No good deed goes unpunished. To provide even a small change, that for common person, who didn’t work in the corporation would seem a pickle, as for example a change of the letter in a program product’s menu or an updating of a technical process, it will take you the titanic efforts. Probably, when you repel it, you won’t get any satisfaction.

You won’t be able to voice your opinion. If you are an expert in internet-journalism or just know who is who at the market, working in a big corporation you will zip your lip. You can’t say that a competitive company’s product is bad – it will be unethical against your competitives. And at all, if you can’t comment something, it’s better to keep silent not to offend someone. All the colleagues are valuable.

Team! Team! Team! Team spirit, synergy, in one longing, as on man, only together we can… You will hear it many times. Over team responsibility you’ll learn to hide your inexperience and incompetence. Every little project will be overgrown by a work team with a team responsibility, where a guilty won’t be found and the rewards will be given ‘any Tom, Dick or Harry’.

You will lose your emotions. It’s not the done thing in the office to envy or enjoy. Thus it all will be inside you, but you won’t be able to show it on your face. Boredom is your new mask.

You’ll learn to be glad of someone’s wins with all your heart. You’ll be saying: ‘Good job, guys from the cargo-carrying department’, ‘What a nice browser WE have!’, even if you work in accounts department. You know that it’s not your deal, but still you are happy. Your projects will be rare, but you’ll need to enjoy something. Even with a poker face of an office employee.

You will get less than you have earned. You can sale gas in great amounts, sale internet in terabytes and sale program products in thousand copies, but anyway you’ll have a salary that will allow you to have tent and simple food. Also you’ll have a couple of vacancies. At the best case they’ll give you 2-3 outward secondments, which aim will be to improve your image in the field, but still it will be a profit to a company. For you it’s just alternative to money.

You’ll forget how to talk back and to get in the habit of working in a pace that is accepted in the company. A month ago it irritated you when the contract had to be agreeded for a month, or when a commercial offer had been preparing for a week. You’ll become the same and won’t understand the real name of the game.

You’ll be learnt what is APL (ass-protecting letters). This type of communication is in possess of every office worker. You’ll generate a lot of respondents unless and until a disagreement will be unsolvable, and the name of a creator of it will be forgotten.

You’ll learn not listen to a people that are talking to you. The majority of office workers look at their smartphone or laptop when someone start to speak to them. You’ll learn to check your mail and believe in fact that you are VERY busy and EVERYTHING depends on you.

You’ll learn to spend a lot of time in the useless negotiations. ‘- Let’s go to a conference room! – ‘Whom should I call? – Call everyone.’ Yes, you’ll have mini-audiences of marginal participant, who will check their mail while you talk about nothing to the moment when you’ll be drived out by new portion of experienced workers who will do the same.

You’ll have problems with tardiness. You will be late every time – on inner meetings, on an appointment with partners and contractors, on road-show. And you’ll always find an excuse – I’ve forgot, I met a colleague in the corridor, traffic jam – you’ll believe this is the normal reasons to be late.

You’ll become a coffee-addicted and will be fond of toilettes. Coffee at the morning, coffee before lunch and before dinner, coffee before 5 o’clock tea and before leaving the office. If you smoke – add a coffee each time you go smoking. The toilettes will save when you don’t want to drink coffee. If there is a smoking room, it will be the headquarter, conference room or meeting room.

You’ll spend 12-14 hours on your work place. But you won’t be working at all or will be working only for 3-4 hours. You’ll convince yourself that you an useful work, that you are overworked and everybody notices it. But everybody knows that is surrounded by dead-beats and acts at the same way. The main think is not to show that you have something else in your life except your work.

You’ll consider that people short-change to you. Working in the ‘rich’ companies, they’ll give you the best equipment, furniture and office. But it will appear to you that they must give you a new car. There is no logic here, but you will believe in it. Then you’ll believe that they must give you an apartment. But then.

A wage increase. You will work less productive and will be overgrown by useless tasks and meetings. But at the same time you’ll be thinking that you deserve better and that a wage increase is a common thing for you.

You’ll have a syndrome of the office worker. Your cold-related diseases will become more frequent. They will explain you that it is all because of an air conditioner. You’ll be sick and will be satisfied about it.

You’ll have a spare tyre and ugly body. Again you will have the excuses – stress, sedentary lifestyle. But all this because your body and mind will be doing work that doesn’t require many calories, you will eat sugar cookies with a great amount of sweet coffee. At dinner-time you will eat vapid food made of yesterday’s leftovers. This meal was cooked with no love, so it can’t be healthy.

You’ll make an idol of Fridays. For the business owners a Friday is a horror – a business won’t be working for 2 days. For white collars – it’s the best day of a week. Only at this day beer, songs and dancing are allowed.

You’ll like corporate parties. The theme is not important. You’ll drink and eat on a pittance, but will be thinking that it was done something special for you. You’ll get in the groove for the shame and will know about your colleagues more than their husbands and wives. And you’ll start to fond of it. About it you’ll also be able to gossip.

You’ll lose a start-up spirit. All those people that make not a such important product as yours, will irritate you. And you’ll always be sure that you’ll be a successful start-uper for the first time. But you don’t need it. You are different, successful … already.

You’ll take on a loan. In the beginning you’ll deserve the same auto as your colleagues have. You’ll take it on a loan with a thought ‘I won’t do the same for an apartment’. After some years of arrivals on your plastic card, your sense of self-preservation will blunt and you’ll run into huge debt.

Congratulations! There is no way back, our sweet coffee and corporate parties lover.


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