16 unwritten rules of text messaging

The exchange of short messages is one of the most widely spread means of communication nowadays. This is the easiest and the most convenient way to send a reminder, notification, request, greetings or any other message, size of which is restricted by a number of symbols. However, simplicity and democratic character of text messaging doesn’t quite mean that one can violate all the decency norms. This article provides the unwritten rules of text messaging, that you should stick to.


  • Always answer

Never leave a message unanswered. Of course, if it’s not from someone you want to ignore forever or if it’s outright spam.

  • Keep other’s schedule in mind

There can hardly be something worse than waking up at dawn or in the middle of the night only to see that somebody decided to text you. Try to appreciate other’s habits and schedule not to disturb them when they might be busy or have their rest.

  • Be short-spoken

Short message systems are created explicitly for sending SHORT messages. If you’re typing a message for more than 30 seconds, maybe it would be more sensible to write a usual letter or to call the person you need to contact with?

  • Do not call back if you were not asked to

It’s quite obvious that if a person who wrote you didn’t ask you to call back, you should answer also in writing. If someone wanted to talk to you, he himself would call you.

  • Haven’t got the answer right away? It is normal. Calm down

If you send an important message and do not receive an instant reply, don’t be nervous. Moreover, you shouldn’t spam your interlocutor with tones of new copies of your message. Getting no reply means that your partner is busy, or doesn’t want to speak to you at all. In any case, the clones of your message won’t fix the situation. They can only make a person angrier with you.

  • Do not use sarcasm, irony and other emotions

Even experienced writers sometimes cannot render all the nuances of their thoughts correctly. It gets even harder in the form of a text message. Do not try to make your message sound ambiguous if you want to be understood correctly.

  • Being late? Send a message!

That is just a sign of good manners. Inform a person, who is waiting for you that you are being late and specify the time when you are available.

  • Check the Autocorrection twice

Keypads with the function of autocorrection can sometimes act up. As a result, the text can be completely transformed. Check thoroughly what you have actually typed before sending it.

  • Check an addressee few times

There’s no simpler way to get into trouble than to missend a message “Miss U, honey.” to your boss. In that case, adventures are guaranteed.

  • Reply proportionately

Try to adjust to your collocutor’s way of communication. If he prefers to exchange one syllabic messages like “yes – no – ok”, you should not write volumes in response. What’s more, you should recall the fourth point on this list.

  • Do not write anything you cannot say in person

It’s always terrible when someone tries to use messages to do things he don’t want or afraid to do. You shouldn’t break up, spell things out, gossip or write mean things. In general, do not type anything you cannot repeat tête-à-tête.

  • Do not use hashtags

Some people believe it to be an up-to-date cool thing, but in reality, it’s just #stupid #pathetic #lame.

  • Do not use contractions and slang

Better to put it this way: do not use all these “lol, luv u, lmao, TA, plz etc.” in case you are not hundred percent sure that the recipient will interpret it adequately. A better thing to do is to forget this teenager slang completely, because every time you type like this you make your English teacher sad.

  • Never write all caps. NEVER!!!

Do you like when someone yells at you? I think not. So never abuse caps, exclamation, interrogation marks and other signs. They can be a true sign of person’s hysterics and inadequacy.

  • Do not text while talking to another person

It looks awful, when someone in the middle of a lively conversation gets a message and starts to answer it right off. In that moment, your conversation partners are feeling themselves like complete fools, so you shouldn’t be surprised if they get annoyed with you. Therefore, put off your phone until the meeting finishes, if, of course, you don’t want to offend your colleagues.

  • Do not text while walking or driving

When you move around the city streets, either by foot or by car, loss of attention can get you into very serious trouble. While walking, this can result in few bruises only, but while driving a car your attempt to write a message can be fatal not only for you but also for the innocent passerby who were unlucky to come in your way.

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