4 questions simple character test

This small, funny test, of course, will not open all the secrets of your character, but maybe you will learn something new. There are only four simple questions, and you’ll spend a minute of time to answer them and read the result. Most likely, you will not be able to stop and will start to stick with this test to friends and acquaintances. Everyone wants to learn something about yourself, especially if you do not have to answer a hundred questions.


Perhaps the character test is based on the activity of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which hinges not only the tendency of a person to different activities, and traits. In the process need to remember four digits, so if you are not confident in your memory, then prepare a piece of paper or note where you can fix these figures. So, here are four questions:

  1. Fold your fingers in the castle

If the thumb of the left hand was on top, put the number 1, and if the top finger of the right hand – 2.

  1. Imagine that you have to aim, close one eye

If you have closed the right eye, set to 1 if the left – 2.

  1. Cross your arms

What hand over the top? If you right, set to 2 if the left – 1.

  1. Clap your hands

If the left hand on top, then the last digit is 1 if the right 2.

That’s all, and now the results:

2222 – You have a stable type of character, you’re conservative. Don’t like conflicts and disputes.

2221 – You are very indecisive person.

2212 – You are sociable, find common ground with almost any man.

2111 – You fickle do all by yourself; do not seek the support of others.

2211 – A rare combination. You are sociable and have a relatively mild nature.

2122 – You have an analytical mind and gentleness of character. You treat all carefully, exhibit some coldness in relation with others.

2121 – The rarest combination. You are vulnerable and affected people.

1112 – You emotional, energetic and determined.

1222 – Combination occurs often enough. You do not show persistence and perseverance in solving issues of life, exposed to others’ influence. At the same time you emotional and sociable, charismatic.

1221 – Emotionality, lack of perseverance, a very gentle nature, naivety.

1122 – Are you a friendly person, but at the same time, a bit naive and simple. Propensity to self-observation, analysis of their actions. The interests of many, but not all have the time.

1121 – You really trust the people, and you have a gentle nature. Most likely, you are a creative person.

1111 – You love change and are looking for an unconventional approach to ordinary things. Creativity in your life plays not the last role. Strong emotions expressed individualism and selfishness. You’re stubborn and selfish, but this does not prevent you to live.

1212 – You are strong-willed people. You can say, obstinate and reach goals.

1211 – You are prone to introspection, a little closed, it is difficult easygoing with people. However, you have a strong spirit, and if you set a goal, then most likely it will be achieved.

2112 – Youcan easily find new friends, make friends, and often change Hobbies.

P.S. the Main thing – do not take the results too seriously. 🙂

Well, like you?

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