Letter to women

A letter to women filled with love, inspiration and admiration. You should read it whether you’re a woman or a man.


Our precious woman, you are a priceless gift to all of the men.

Unfortunately, we men used to underestimate the real value of yours and moreover, we often don’t even notice your merits. Please forgive us for this.

Mostly, we don’t appreciate a possibility to admire you, to touch your gentle bodies. We used to complain about your irrationality, but that’s the sweetest thing about you. It’s just the way you are…

The true value of femininity consists not in female curves, but in a way woman manages her body, improves her beauty and refinement.

Your gift to us is a mystery. And that’s the secret of any woman.

One of the most prominent talents of yours – is intuition, it inspires and makes us go further. You feel, see and hear all that is about to happen. You know how everything is going to be before it happens, you always give us good advices, but we don’t hear very often. People used to call it madness, unbelievable nonsense and even untruthful and mystical silliness. But eventually it turns out you were right and again we forget to apologize for our misstep.

We need your skills. Nobody can live a fully life without women. Since ancient times it was like that, it is and it always will be.

We can’t cape without your ability to see and to solve problems, we do need your sensuality and felling to live, to create and design.

Only women have a skill to animate a lifeless subject, to form a shapeless subject, to create comfort.

Women, only you can illuminate the darkest and the coldest room, as you enter it.

When you wholly dedicate yourself to your man, support him and purely believe in his success you make our life brighter. Exactly your support is the origin of our inspiration and reason of our income.

Your value consists not in beauty, curves, physical strength, tough skin, wrinkles or cellulitis. You can communicate, hear and understand us and that’s your power. Love – is already a gift to us men.

Please, give us the light of your soul, shine in front of us, because this is your gift that inspires man for new achievements.

Never sell your love, heart, body and soul. That love won’t be real. Only real things can be whole-hearted.

Always be yourself, live according to your inner creed and fundamentals. It’s the way women are. It’s the source of your power. If you pretend to be perfect, we won’t know you real. Nobody needs a perfect woman, but everybody needs a loving and real beloved with tiny weaknesses.

Relieve your emotions and whims – it’s the manifestation of your femininity. We accept this feature with understanding and fall in love with it again and again.

You don’t owe anything to anyone. We live in time when everybody appreciates actions, but we love you just because you are here in our life. You are adornment of our life. We appreciate you for this, though we don’t always show you our affection.

Women are the only reason that makes men change in a better way. You are the eighth wonder of the world and we are grateful for that.

Do you realize you have a great power inside of you? With only one sight or one smile you can change the lives of your familiars.

You can revive, give hope and warmth, and your sympathy and care have a great power.

You have a power to bring up humanity only giving care and love. Only your maternal instinct brings up the best in us.

Do you realize the real value of your ability to inspire? For one single smile we can build a castle, erect a wall only to be sure you’re comfortable.

We are all born owing to you. You were our first home during 9 months. Without you we wouldn’t exist…

Only with you we can really live.

Only with you we feel we can touch the stars.

Only you inspire us to do impossible things.

We admire you.

We respect you.

We love you.

Today and forever.


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