30 advices that will make your life easier

It turns out that there’s no need to learn something for many years. Sometimes even some simple life advices can influence your life and you can learn them for 10 minutes. Here are the best advices that can be useful for you.


  1. If you make a presentation, you should always have a bottle of water with you. In case you forget what to say next, drink it. Nobody will notice your pause and you’ll have some time to remember what you wanted to say next.
  2. You can’t find a consultant in the shop? Come to the most expensive TV-set, computer or any other thing and look right at the price. Someone will definitely come to you)
  3. If you suspect that somebody is chasing your car, turn to the same side for four times. This way you come back to the same place and if someone is chasing you, you will find that at once.
  4. Put a red cap on a blue pen. Nobody ever steals red pens!
  5. If someone finds you making some humiliating things, say that you lost in a dispute.
  6. The cheapest goods in the shops are situated upper or lower of your field of vision.
  7. You spend too much time using social networks? Use some special browser extensions.
  8. You can make soap bubbles that do not burst with six portions of water, one portion of maize syrup and two portions of liquid soap.
  9. Infrared lamp of the TV-clicker can’t be seen with the naked eye. Anyway, it can be seen through the mobile phone camera. So, if a clicker doesn’t work, you can use your mobile phone to check if it’s broken or the battery is low.
  10. While buying some strawberries, smell them. If they have a strong, nice smell, than they are tasty. If they look good, but have no smell, than you shouldn’t buy them.
  11. While buying oranges and grapefruits, mind their weight. Their size doesn’t matter. If they are heavy, it means they are tasty.
  12. 15 minutes before you go to sleep make a plan for tomorrow. Stick to it the next day.
  13. You can download on your computer all the Wikipedia. Its size is only 40 Gb and you can read it even if you don’t have a network connection. Torrent-file is here.
  14. This is the right way to use Tetra Pak package:main-qimg-91600b7ccba3a1809f74c89c67f285a5-300x199
  15. Use your phone to make a 3-seconds video of what is around you right now. If you do this stuff every day, in the end of the year you will have an 18-minutes video of your life for the whole year.
  16. When writing an e-mail, don’t fill in the “to whom” form till the last moment. This way you won’t send an e-mail accidently.
  17. If you sent a message to the wrong person, turn the “Flight” profile on. After sending fails, you can delete that message.
  18. Put in your shoes some things you don’t want to leave at home when going out.
  19. Put you t-shirts vertically in the closet. This way they don’t occupy too much space and it’s easier to find the necessary one.main-qimg-f6034cc113f8679151df21cba477422b
  20. If something stroke you in the eye, you should look down, open your eye widely and start blinking.
  21. When you meet a person, repeat his name, than you won’t forget it. “Hi, my name is Sasha. – Oh, Sasha, nice to meet you!”
  22. Create a mail-box of your child and send there all the interesting photos of his life. When he is 18, give him a log in and a password. He will be excited to have a look at himself in the childhood)
  23. Pressing the buttons 1-9 while watching YouTube-videos moves video frontwards on 10, 20, 30 %.
  24. White letters with black fringe are seen perfectly well on any field.
  25. Always have a pen and a notebook at hand.
  26. If you’re baking something and you‘ve forgotten to buy eggs, you can replace them with bananas. 1 egg equals one half of banana.
  27. If you need to charge you phone very fast, turn the “Flight” profile on. Thus you can shorten the charging time twice.
  28. Make a little knot on the one of your earplugs, so that you wouldn’t mix up the right one and the left one.main-qimg-1fcd6fa1efd703e9677b671debc14fbf
  29. Learn how to meditate, there’s no magic in meditation.
  30. 15 minutes of laughter influence positively your health as well as 30 knee bends.

If you have such advices, you can share with us in the comments!

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